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Low Thyroid Function and Stress: What’s the Connection?

Hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) is one of the most common health issues in the U.S. It is not often identified by standard blood work, and the common treatments do not adequately address it. Let’s look at the symptoms and causes of an underactive thyroid, and what you can do to help your body recover.

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What Is a Food Sensitivity Test – and Why Do One?

How are food sensitivities connected to leaky gut, and why does it matter to you? Let’s look at the issues, whether or not you should consider getting a food sensitivity test, and what to do after you get your test results.

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Adrenal Distress and Leaky Gut: What’s the Connection?

Continued stress on the body leads to two major disturbances: Adrenal distress and leaky gut. Here’s a closer look at the two, the connection between them, and most importantly, what you can do to help your body fight back.

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New Year, New You, and All That Stuff

A new year means a new set of resolutions. Dr. Doni talks about making lasting changes to your health rather than resolutions. Are you ready to put yourself first and start taking care of yourself?

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An Empowered Woman’s Guide to Peri-Menopause

What is peri-menopause and when does it start? What are the symptoms, and most importantly, what can you do about them? Dr. Doni covers how naturopathy can help support your body through this transition.

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Moms: Do You Have Adrenal Distress Syndrome?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for small children put enormous stresses on a mother’s body over a long period of time, which can lead to adrenal distress. In most cases, the good news is that with the right support, moms can recover from adrenal distress.

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Thanksgiving holiday, grateful, thankfulness, giving thanks, stress, stress test, stress balance, hormones, naturopathy

Gratefulness: Giving Thanks for the Small Things

Thanksgiving is not the only time to give thanks. Practicing gratitude and gratefulness all year round is shown to improve our overall health and reduce our stress levels. Here’s how to get started.

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Changing Views on Fertility and Pregnancy

So many women struggle with fertility issues, and have trouble getting pregnant. Naturopathy can help by supporting the body so that it can function optimally. If you can improve your health, you can improve your chances of conception – and be more likely to have a healthy pregnancy.

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Women’s Health: A Natural Approach to PMS and PMDD

PMS and PMDD are more than just a monthly nuisance – they can have severe symptoms that turn our lives upside-down. Thankfully, there are things that we can do with naturopathy to help support our bodies in combatting these symptoms.

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What Is Naturopathic Medicine?

Despite the countless stories of how naturopathic medicine has helped people make positive health breakthroughs, it’s still somewhat misunderstood. Dr. Doni seeks to clarify what naturopathy is – and what it isn’t.

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Stress Remedies: How Nature Empowers Us

Nature is one of the best stress remedies available. Experiencing nature, even in small ways, can have a tangible positive impact on your health and well-being. Here’s why – and how you can bring more of the healing power of nature into your life!

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Mindfulness, Meditation, Stress, cortisol, stress hormone, serotonin, dopamine, neurotransmitters, mood, telomeres

How Mindfulness and Meditation Decrease Stress

People who meditate regularly see better sleep, decreased anxiety, and improved mood and focus. Here’s an overview of mindfulness and meditation to get you started in building your resilience to stress.

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How Animals Help Us Manage Stress

Stress is often the underlying cause for a lot of chronic health issues. Pet therapy can help with stress – here’s an overview of the proven health benefits of animal-assisted therapy, or even just simply having a pet in the home.

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