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Learn to manage stress and overcome anxiety with this customizable breakthrough program from leading adrenal distress/stress expert Dr. Doni Wilson.

We have come to accept stress and anxiety as being hand-in-glove with being successful.

Many of us believe that we are supposed to be superhumans and just ignore stress—carrying on with long hours and sleepless nights, suffering quietly with the headaches, tension, and stomach sensitivity, rather than risk being perceived as unable to “keep up” with the demands of modern life. 

But we’re not robots or machines; we’re human. While stress is inevitable, and, in certain situations, even necessary for effective functioning, we must keep it from overpowering our daily lives by learning how to harness stress to empower us.

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In Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health, Dr. Doni Wilson shows that the key to breaking the cycle is finding and treating your unique stress type. After more than 20 years working with thousands of patients, Dr. Doni has found that people generally fall into one of five types based on their adrenaline and cortisol levels throughout the day: the Night Owl, the Stress Magnet, Yawning on the Go, Tired and Wired, or Sluggish and Stressed. In this groundbreaking book, she’ll help you identify your stress type–and give you the tools to make stress work for you.

Your body’s particular response is based on genetics and your lifestyle. Your pattern is unique—even in similar situations, different people may respond to that stress in a completely different way. Dr. Doni’s customizable C.A.R.E. program is simple: Clean eating, Adequate sleep, Recovery, and Exercise. Dr. Doni shows you how to tailor each step of the program for your stress type to allow you to:

• Overcome exhaustion and fatigue
• Clear up brain fog
• Stop insomnia
• Relieve chronic muscle pain and digestive issues
• Increase energy

In this helpful guide, you’ll discover the support your body needs and a path to become resistant to the negative effects of stress. 

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