Tired of not getting answers
from your doctors?
I'm here to help you to be healthy even when you are exposed to stress.
It's not about being "stress-free" - that's impossible.

It's about learning to give yourself and your body what it needs in order to be healthy while stressed.

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I’m a naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife, clinical nutritionist, bestselling author, researcher, natural products formulator, and mother. 

I help patients reverse challenging health conditions such as fatigue, anxiety, autoimmunity, fertility issues, MTHFR-related concerns, and HPV/abnormal paps using my proven Stress Recovery Protocol, which identifies how stress uniquely affects you as an individual and uses epigenetics to reoptimize your health.

Over the past 22 years, I’ve helped thousands of women, men and children recover from health issues caused by stress, and then to MASTER stress (not just manage it) using my SelfC.A.R.E. Method.

I identified my Stress Recovery Protocol and SelfC.A.R.E. Method while recovering from chronic migraines. I was determined to find a way to feel good even while living a life I love.

For those of you who are frustrated that your practitioners haven’t been able to help you, please know that it is my passion to solve what hasn’t been solved by others. Often my patients tell me I am like a detective and that I see things from a big picture view, which allows me to be strategic and efficient.

I want you to know that your body can heal when we understand the imbalances caused by stress and the natural substances and other support to bring it back to balance. I’m here to guide you.

Hi, I'm Dr. Doni!

Dr. Doni Wilson

Dr. Doni's Specialties

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Leaky gut (also known as intestinal permeability) is caused by stress and toxins, leading to inflammation, weight gain, and autoimmunity.

It can heal given the right support. Luckily Dr. Doni figured out the Leaky Gut Paradox and her effective protocol to support your intestines to heal.

While you might not hear this from your standard doctor, it is possible to turn off autoimmunity. 

Dr. Doni helps patients to reverse autoimmunity by addressing the underlying causes – stress, toxins, leaky gut, and imbalanced gut bacteria.

SLEEP is one of the most natural things in life, yet falling and staying asleep is a huge problem for many people. 

While noise and light exposure can certainly disrupt sleep, in many cases sleep issues back are traced back to exposure to various forms of stress, imbalanced hormones, blood sugar, neurotransmitters and gut bacteria.

Dr. Doni is here to help you solve the imbalances disrupting your sleep.

Dr. Doni specializes in identifying the unique imbalances in hormones, nutrients, and neurotransmitters that cause anxiety and depression.

She then uses amino acid therapy, herbs, and nutrients to re-optimize your biochemistry. 

She is also trained in biofeedback, Health Breakthrough Method and more to help you become a master of your mind.

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