Many people suffer from leaky gut, but don’t know they have it. They are puzzled by symptoms that just won’t go away such as weight gain, fatigue, IBS, anxiety, aches and pains, unexplained headaches, and allergies for many years — never suspecting that all these seemingly unrelated symptoms have the same cause.

If you can relate, most likely you’ve been searching for answers. The problem is that most doctors and doctors aren’t looking for leaky gut, and those who are aware of it don’t always know how to find it or address it.  

The free Leaky Gut Guide will help you understand what causes this condition, the most common effects, the connection between our digestive health and the rest of our body, and my proven holistic approach to recover from this syndrome.

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Take a look at the main topics we will address in this guide:

  1. Do I have leaky gut? 
  2. Leaky gut syndrome explained
  3. Common symptoms and effects 
  4. Why don’t all doctors talk about it
  5. Five main causes of leaky gut
  6. Five steps to heal it
  7. Dr. Doni’s leaky gut solution program

It’s important to know that leaky gut can heal. Intestinal cells grow back, especially with the help of diet changes, nutrients, herbs, enzymes, and optimizing the bacteria in the intestines.

For many, addressing leaky gut can be life changing because as the intestinal lining heals, people experience improved energy, mood, focus, sleep and body weight. They report feeling 20 years younger! 

I want you to experience that kind of difference in your health. In this guide, I’ll give you the information and tools you need to determine whether you have leaky gut and share what I’ve found works best after helping thousands of patients over the past 20 years, including myself.

For the most personalized approach, it is best to schedule an appointment with me – this is possible wherever you are in the world by phone or zoom. When we meet I will determine the best tests and approaches for you.

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