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Hi, Dr. Doni here. 

I’ll never forget the night it happened again.  

The light from the movie screen felt like an assault on my eyes. I could feel my throat welling-up and the insides of my cheeks began to saturate with saliva. I jumped out of my seat, left my boyfriend without a word, and sprung through the theater’s swivel doors.

The wave of nausea had fully washed over me as I stumbled toward the bathroom. I pleaded to myself, “oh no, please, not again.” 

I knew exactly what was coming next: A migraine. Again.

I felt a rush of pain crawling up the back of my spine. The familiar throbbing sensation deepened right where my head and neck joined and I could feel it settling in. Not only would this pain last for hours on end, the nausea would progress to the point of me violently vomiting every 15-minutes for the next 24-hours, and it would take days for me to recover.

I was 21 years old when this first happened, but it was far from the last time. In fact, this happened numerous times each year, and some years it happened every 2 weeks, for the next twenty four years.

No matter where I turned, no doctor, pill, or specialist could solve my seemingly mysterious health problems. I was left feeling defeated, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

Even after graduating from naturopathic school, I was still getting migraines. It wasn’t until I discovered naturopathic medicine and how to test and balance my neurotransmitters and uncover my food sensitivities, that I was able to completely heal my body and teach others to do the same.

In the process of solving my migraines, I developed my Stress Recovery Protocol™ which identifies how stress uniquely affects each individual and then uses epigenetics to reoptimize health. 

Now I help patients reverse challenging health conditions including fatigue, anxiety, autoimmunity, fertility and recurrent miscarriages, MTHFR, insomnia, as well as HPV and abnormal pap smears.

I help women, men and children to understand their bodies and what they can do to feel their best, all while balancing stress. If you’ve been told there’s nothing you can do, “it can’t be reversed,” that what you’re dealing with is “normal,” or you’re just “getting old,” or “stressed….” you’re not alone, and there’s a better way.

The foundation of my practice is Epigenetics and Stress Management. We are each given a set of genes at birth. Some of those genes may be less than optimal. However, we have the power to control which genes are expressed! No matter the gene, disease, or complication, we have the tools to manage it. 

I am a firm believer that there’s always something you can do to support your body and help it function more optimally. Both myself and my patients are a living testament of that.

I help patients achieve newfound health and stress management every day, and I’d love to help you do the same.



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Dr. Doni is a sought-after author, speaker, educator, and researcher and has been featured on hundreds of podcasts, radio shows, and TV. She’s presented her research internationally in Canada and the Philippines and published 4 books, created her own line of supplements, and is the host of her podcast, How Humans Heal.

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A leading expert in hormones and epigenetics, Dr. Doni Wilson is a naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife, and certified nutrition specialist. With over 2 decades of experience helping patients reverse challenging health conditions like fatigue, anxiety, autoimmunity, fertility, MTHFR, and HPV, Dr. Doni developed her signature, proven Stress Recovery Protocol™, which identifies how stress uniquely affects each individual and then uses epigenetics to reoptimize health.