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Adrenal distress is a condition that arises when your body is exposed to more stress than it can handle and your cortisol and/or adrenaline levels become imbalanced. Trying to handle the stress, your adrenals can get stuck in “stress mode” and produce too much OR too little cortisol and adrenaline, or produce them at the wrong time of day or night. The longer your adrenals stay in “stress mode,” the more symptoms you are likely to develop, and the more difficult it can be to recover without guidance from a stress expert like Dr. Doni.

Did your pap smear results come back ‘abnormal’ or have you recently been diagnosed with HPV? Dr. Doni has been helping women address HPV naturally for over 22 years. She has identified an important mindset shift and step-by-step protocol that has helped thousands of women successfully clear HPV, for good. Learn about her protocol and options for support.

Although an estimated 50% of the population has one or more MTHFR mutations, few practitioners know how to address MTHFR and methylation effectively. Furthermore, many people who contact us have experienced feeling worse when they attempt to address MTHFR. That’s why Dr. Doni has developed her protocol and is happy to guide you.

For women of all ages, who may be struggling with female health issues, in some cases related to imbalanced hormones, and would like to find natural, holistic, and customized solutions. Dr. Doni helps with PMS, PMDD, fertility, irregular cycles, birth control syndrome, perimenopausal symptoms, post-menopausal symptoms, vaginitis, and more.

Leaky Gut & Imbalanced Gut Bacteria

Leaky gut occurs when the cells lining the small intestine become unhealthy. When undigested food, bacteria and other substances leak through the intestinal lining into the underlying tissue, your immune system reacts by triggering inflammation as a protective mechanism. This inflammation can spread throughout your body and cause a range of health problems. Food sensitivities can develop or increase. An imbalance in the gut bacteria perpetuates the situation. Dr. Doni is an expert in healing leaky gut and reoptimizing the gut biome.

our immune system is designed to attack “foreign invaders” that enter your body, such as unhealthy bacteria, viruses, toxic substances, and allergens. In some cases, however, your immune system can become confused and start destroying cells in your body, mistaking them for something foreign. We call this malfunction “autoimmunity,” meaning your body is essentially attacking itself (“auto”).

Anxiety & Depression

Break the vicious cycle of overwhelm & anxiety and become resilient to stress

SLEEP is one of the most natural things in life, yet falling and staying asleep is a huge problem for many people.

While noise and light exposure can certainly disrupt sleep, in many cases sleep issues back are traced back to exposure to various forms of stress.

7 Day SelfC.A.R.E Stress Reset™
Throughout the course of this 7-day reset … I will share simple yet effective tips and tweaks to your current routine that you can start doing TODAY without purchases (outside of the grocery list).