Navigating Abnormal Pap Smear Results: A Comprehensive Guide to Healing HPV Naturally (Episode 207)

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Navigating Abnormal Pap Smear Results: A Comprehensive Guide to Healing HPV Naturally (Episode 207)

What are the next steps after an abnormal pap smear? Dr. Doni helps you understand the risk of HPV, what the standard medical treatment is, and the natural treatment options.
Receiving abnormal pap smear results can be overwhelming. Dr. Doni explains the essential facts about HPV, how to understand your pap smear results, and the natural healing approach she uses to help women clear the virus and prevent cervical cancer.

What can you do if and when you receive abnormal pap smear results? So many women contact me saying, “I just got back my pap smear results, and it’s showing abnormal. It’s showing HPV detected, and now I’m in such a state of fear, confusion, anxiety, and stress about this. What do I do?” 

Oftentimes, your doctor may not explain to you what the results mean or what your options are. So, I’m hoping you’re finding this video, and that it will help you to take a deep breath and start to make a plan of action for addressing the abnormal pap smear, so you can get your body back to fully healthy and prevent another abnormal pap smear in the future.

First Step: Obtain Your Pap Smear Report

Okay, so the first thing I always recommend is that you contact your doctor’s office and ask them for a copy of your latest pap smear report if they didn’t already send it to you. I really believe that it’s important for you to have your report in your hands and to understand what it means. This way, you can really be proactive.

You can be your own best health advocate by understanding what the results mean and what your options are, and you can track your case over time. So, the first thing is to put it on your to-do list: contact your doctor’s office and ask them for a copy of your pap smear report. 

If you’ve had a colposcopy, ask for that as well. If you have access to the doctor who you saw for your prior pap smear, you might even want to call them and get your most recent pap results so you can compare them. We want to be able to look for patterns and understand what’s been happening so we can start to help you get ahead of it, be proactive, and preventative.

Learn the Essential Facts About HPV

The other thing that’s really important is to know some essentials about HPV. I think a lot of the fear and confusion comes from just not knowing and then searching the internet and social media looking for answers that may or may not be really true or helpful. 

So, I’m going to break down a few of the facts that I find to be really helpful for you to navigate having an abnormal pap smear and to be able to calm your nervous system. Please, join me in taking a deep breath and know that you can take notes. 

Plus, at the end of this video, I’m going to share with you how you can get even more information and help from me on this journey of taking your body back from HPV – not allowing HPV to cause abnormal cells or cause stress and anxiety for you.

The first thing to know is that as humans, we are mostly all exposed to HPV by age 50. That means it doesn’t matter your age, how many relationships you’ve been in, or whether you’re married or not. None of that matters because the fact is that most of us are exposed. We are exposed to the high-risk forms of HPV through sexual contact, and that’s how it’s transferred. 

I want you to keep in mind that there are over 150 different types of HPV. Some of them are low-risk and associated with things like warts on your hands or genital warts. Those are the low-risk types of HPV. When we say “high-risk type of HPV,” we’re referring to just the types that have been associated with cancer risk, and that’s why we call them “high-risk,” because they have the potential to cause abnormal cells.

Here’s a playlist with all the basics about HPV: Learning the Facts So You Can Heal from HPV and Even Reverse Its Effects.

What About High-Risk HPV?

Now, when you’re getting a pap smear, we’re looking for high-risk HPV in the vagina, but it’s true that high-risk HPV can affect other areas of the body as well, not just the vagina. They can also affect the anal area, the oral area, and yes, high-risk HPV affects men as well, including the risk of penile cancer from HPV. 

This virus tends to affect certain areas of the human body, and for women, it’s the vagina and especially the cervix. The HPV virus tends to go right after the cells of the cervix, irritating them, causing inflammation, and then it can cause abnormal cells. And that’s why you’re doing a pap smear, to begin with: to find out if the cells on your cervix are looking inflamed or abnormal, before they might turn into cancer. Because we’d much rather catch it early so that we can address it before it turns into cervical cancer.

Imagine how many women, before pap smears existed, were finding out they had cervical cancer and never even knew why or didn’t even have a chance to do anything about it. That’s why I feel so passionate about helping you understand why you’re doing a pap smear in the first place. You want to know, “Do I have high-risk HPV? Is it causing abnormal cells?” so that you can do something about it before it turns into cancer.”

Maybe you’ve already had abnormal cells and potentially have even already had cervical cancer, and still, the HPV virus is present and repeatedly causing abnormal cells. That’s why it’s important to address the virus and stop it from causing abnormal cells now or again in the future.

What Happens After Abnormal Pap Smear Results?

Understanding Pap Smear Results and Risk of HPV

When we’re looking for high-risk types, the two we most often look for are types 16 and 18. Your pap smear results might say “other” if you have one of the other high risk types of HPV. 

In the work that I do, we’re going to be able to address all the different types of HPV – low-risk and high-risk. So no matter which type shows on your results, please know we can address it. The exact number or type is less concerning to me because my treatment protocol is the same for all the types, and it works on all the types, all ages, and even if you’ve had it for many years.

When you look at your pap smear results, we’re really looking for two pieces of information:

  1. Does it say HPV positive? If it’s HPV positive, then we know we need to get a strategy in place to clear that HPV. Our goal is to get it to negative, and stay negative. 
  2. Are there abnormal cells? You could have high-risk HPV, and maybe it hasn’t caused abnormal cells or inflammation yet. That means we can just focus on getting rid of the virus before it has a chance to cause any trouble. But if HPV is positive and there are some abnormal cells, we need to deal with both. We need to deal with the abnormal cells and we need to deal with the HPV.

Understanding the Standard Medical Treatment

When you go to the doctor’s office, they’re often only focused on the abnormal cells, which is important because we want to get rid of those abnormal cells. They don’t have a treatment to address the virus. That’s why they’re not giving you anything or talking about it. They don’t have a way to address the HPV virus once you already have it. 

Many times, what women experience is the doctor saying, “Oh, there are abnormal cells. Let’s do a LEEP procedure,” which is a procedure to remove the abnormal cells, or “Let’s do a conization,” or “Let’s even do a hysterectomy.” They’re going to remove the abnormal cells, but they don’t do anything about the virus. 

And so, what can unfortunately happen is the virus can cause abnormal cells again and again and again. I even just spoke to a woman today who had abnormal cells multiple times, multiple LEEP procedures, had a hysterectomy last year, and called me because the abnormal cells are now affecting her vaginal cells. 

This virus doesn’t give up easily, and so we need to be proactive. She’s calling me because I’m going to help her get that virus to stop causing abnormal cells, which is not what you’re going to get at the doctor’s office. They don’t have a way to do that. All they can do is remove abnormal cells or remove body parts, or they can treat cancer if it turns into cancer. My goal is to prevent it from turning into cancer and put a stop to this virus.

Understanding Abnormal Cells 

Let me talk you through this. When there are abnormal cells on the cervix, it happens in a gradient or a spectrum. It doesn’t just go from negative to cancer. It goes from normal healthy cells, to inflamed cells, and then they look mildly abnormal, then moderately abnormal, then severely abnormal, before it turns into cancer. 

So, when you go to get a pap smear, or if the doctor thinks there may be abnormal cells, they’ll recommend a biopsy called a colposcopy, where they can take a closer look at the cells. They’re looking to see if it’s mild, or what’s referred to as CIN 1, if it’s moderate, which is CIN 2, or severe, which is CIN 3. 

If it’s CIN 2 or 3, the doctor is going to recommend that they need to do a procedure to remove the abnormal cells, likely a LEEP procedure, conization, or other type of surgery to remove the abnormal cells.

A Natural Approach to Address Abnormal Cells

How can we help heal your cervix? 

I have another video here at How Humans Heal where I talk about an alternative approach to remove abnormal cells which I help women to use to address CIN 2 and 3. So, if your report is saying CIN 2 or 3 and you would like to consider an alternative to LEEP or other procedures, definitely check out that video. You can watch it here if the embedded video doesn’t load.

It’s about a treatment called escharotic treatments, which is an herbal-nutrient approach that helps remove the abnormal cells without damaging your cervix. 

I see a lot of women who are wanting to have a future pregnancy or just don’t want to have surgery, and choose to have me help them to do escharotic treatments to remove the abnormal cells, protect, and preserve their healthy body and their healthy cervix for pregnancy or just for the future.

If it’s mild inflammation or CIN 1, that can be addressed without having to do a procedure. I recommend using herbal nutrient vaginal suppositories in a protocol that I’ve created because I see over and over again the vaginal suppositories will get rid of those abnormal cells and support the cervix to grow new healthy cells. Yes, the body can grow new healthy cells when we’re giving it the right tools and support.

A Natural Approach to Clear HPV

This is why my comprehensive protocol is so important. It’s not enough to just remove abnormal cells. We need to dig deeper and ask the question: “What is making you susceptible to HPV at this point in your life?” 

It’s quite likely you were exposed earlier in your life, and it didn’t cause any issues. But at this point in your life, there’s likely something making you susceptible that’s allowing the virus to be positive and allowing the virus to cause abnormal cells. We need to address those things. 

We need to understand what’s making you vulnerable and give your body additional clinical nutrition, clinical herbal medicine, homeopathy, and support so that your body can grow new healthy cells and clear the virus. 

I see women doing this every day, every week, all the time, for more than 20 years. This is what I’ve been specializing in as a naturopathic doctor and midwife. I’m so fortunate to not only help thousands of women around the world, but to observe what’s possible – the healing that’s possible. And I want that for all of you as well.

Your Next Steps to an HPV-Free Life

Please know that it’s possible to address abnormal cells before they turn into cancer without causing damage to your cervix, and it’s possible to clear the HPV virus and understand what’s making you susceptible. 

I have additional videos here that you can listen to that go into more detail about how I guide you to do that. The other thing I encourage you to do is to go right away from here and listen to my FREE HPV Masterclass

If we’re going to have success with you being able to clear HPV and protect your body from it, I need you to understand the virus. If we’re going to be successful addressing anything in life, we need to understand it first, and we need to make a plan. And It’s better to make a plan with an expert with experience than to try to do it on your own because it can get very confusing. 

If you just search out there on the internet, you’re going to come across some good information, some bad information, and I can tell you it’s not going to be comprehensive.

I encourage you to come to my next Heal HPV Worldwide Workshop because then you’re going to have the information and the knowledge that will guide you through your next steps to get rid of HPV virus for good. It’s FREE and you can join from wherever you are in the world.

I’ve helped thousands of women already, and I want to help you too because you deserve to have that help. I know that it doesn’t exist yet in the standard medical system. I hope to train more and more practitioners so that we can transform the medical system related to helping women with risk for cervical cancer and HPV-related cancer. 

Enough is enough! Women are at risk of cancer and not getting enough help to prevent it.

That’s why I’m here providing this information, and I look forward to having you reach out to me if you would like more help. If you are saying “I don’t want to leave myself at risk for HPV-related cancer. I want this virus out of my body. I don’t want to just wait and see if it’s going to go away” then reach out so I can help you.

The fact is that the human body can clear this virus, and it’s likely your doctor will say, “Come back in six months or 12 months” to see if it went away or caused abnormal cells. That means you’re in a constant state of waiting to see if it gets worse. 

Unfortunately, I see the cases where it didn’t go away, where women were waiting for a year or two years or three years or longer, and the virus didn’t go away. When it causes abnormal cells, women are so distraught and so disappointed and so angry that they wish they would have done something sooner.

I really want you to know that you don’t have to wait for it to get worse. You don’t have to wait and worry and have sleepless nights. We can actually start taking steps right away – making diet changes, using nutrients, using herbs, using natural substances that actually end up helping your whole health because we are balancing hormones, and the microbiome, re-optimizing your immune system and your nutrient levels so that your body is super-powered and ready to protect you from HPV.

Your body knows how to protect you, but when your body is depleted and worn out, it’s not able to protect you, and that’s why HPV takes advantage of that situation. The HPV virus takes advantage when we’re depleted and worn out from stress and life. That’s right when HPV comes in and starts causing inflammation and abnormal cells because that’s right when your body isn’t able to protect you.

So, this is your chance to say, “I’m taking my body back. I’m becoming my own priority, and I’m going to start implementing changes so that this virus doesn’t have a chance to cause abnormal cells.”

I see that when women take this as an opportunity to pivot, to create change for themselves, for their life, for their future, that’s exactly when they are successful at clearing this virus, and it doesn’t come back again. In those cases, five years, 10 years, 15 years can go by, and the virus doesn’t come back because we’re actually teaching your body and helping you create a way of taking care of yourself that makes sure that HPV doesn’t have an opportunity to come back again, even if you are re-exposed.

If you are ready to get HPV to negative, you can sign up for my Say Goodbye to HPV Program here. In the program I guide you step by step to implement my protocol. I help you gain freedom from the high-risk types of HPV, and at the same time help you solve menstrual, fertility, or menopausal related issues. The Say Goodbye to HPV Program is online and available everywhere.

Say Goodbye to HPV: Heal your cervix and clear HPV with this 12-week guided program from Dr. Doni Wilson.

To learn more about my approach using my Stress and Trauma Recovery Protocol® which involves optimizing cortisol and adrenaline levels to heal the adrenals, as well as neurotransmitters, using nutrients, herbs and C.A.R.E.™, my proprietary program to support clean eating, adequate sleep, stress recovery and exercise, I encourage you to read all about it in my latest book Master Your Stress Reset Your Health.

For the most comprehensive support, even with the most difficult health issues (physical or mental), it is best to meet with me one-on-one, which is available to you no matter where you are in the world (via phone or zoom). You can set up a one-on-one appointment here.

Thanks for joining me again at How Humans Heal. If you are not already subscribed to the podcast, I encourage you to click subscribe and leave me a comment or review. I would love to hear from you. We always love to hear what you’re thinking and what you would love to learn more about. I’ll see you in the next episode of How Humans Heal.

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