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Leaky gut (also known as intestinal permeability) occurs when the cells lining the small intestine become unhealthy.

In an optimal state, only nutrients and water are allowed through the intestinal lining. But with leaky gut, undigested food, bacteria and other substances leak through the intestinal lining into the underlying tissue.

When these substances leak out of the small intestine, your immune system reacts by triggering inflammation as a protective mechanism. This inflammation can spread throughout your body and cause a range of health problems. Food sensitivities can develop or increase; and continuing to ingest the foods that trigger inflammation can cause even more damage to your intestinal lining. Left untreated, your symptoms can become debilitating and your health can feel like it has spun completely out of control.
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A condition caused by a virus called “HPV” (Human Papilloma Virus) that affects the cells of your cervix.

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