See what others say about Dr. Doni Wilson, a naturopathic doctor with over 20 years of experience helping people feel their best. From eliminating stress & anxiety to better sleep & addressing MTHFR, she has helped countless patients achieve better health and vitality. Read just some of our patient testimonials below.  

Shary D.
Shary D.Source: Facebook
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"I feel much more energetic and believe I am headed in the right direction for lifelong health."
Linda N.
Linda N.Source: Facebook
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“My son recovered from Lyme disease and improved his focus at school under the care of Dr. Wilson.”
Steve D.
Steve D.Source: Google
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“I started with the attitude of just taking a chance on something unconventional, and I was startled to see how quickly and effectively things improved.”
Caroline F.
Caroline F.Source: Facebook
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“Dr. Doni helped me get my diabetes under control, I no longer suffer from allergies, and most of all, I have tons of energy!”
Carol B.
Carol B.Source: Dr. Doni
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“Dr. Wilson helped my children to eliminate food and environmental allergies and to get over colds, flues and ear infections without antibiotics.”
Ilene M.
Ilene M.Source: Facebook
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“With Dr. Doni’s help, I am back to exercising, my energy has improved and I have resumed my regular schedule. Most people have no idea that I have a ‘debilitating disease’!!”
Judy M.
Judy M.Source: Google
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“In Dr. Doni I found a medical professional to help me achieve health naturally!”
Sherri F.
Sherri F.Source: Facebook
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“Dr. Doni helped me understand the options that I didn’t know I had!”
Lucy T.
Lucy T.Source: Facebook
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“Dr. Doni was a gift for me and a treasure in so many ways.”
Anna M.
Anna M.Source: Facebook
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“I finally found a doctor who took me seriously and listened and respected my body as much as I do!”
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More Testimonials

Sarah B. Testimonial

Sarah B.

Source: Dr. Doni

When I initially came to see Dr. Doni, I was barely able to make it through a day due to debilitating pain, fatigue, and severe digestive problems. In my opinion, Dr. Doni epitomizes what a doctor should be. She reminded me to listen to my body. She showed me that there are natural remedies that can work along with my body, instead of conventional drugs that have only worked AGAINST my body, and most importantly, her knowledge and expertise has given me the ability to live my life again— without the pain and fatigue! I am happy to say I no longer feel like my body is waging a war against me!!

M.W. Testimonial


Source: Dr. Doni

Dear Doni, I have to let you know that I have been using the supplements you sent. I’ve cut out all of the high reactive foods, which for me, really just meant gluten, yogurt, and some shifts in which nuts, fruits, and vegetables I choose. I know you may think I’m over-stating things so early on, but I ALREADY see a difference. I have long believed I noticed a connection between eating “carbs” and seeing puffiness in my face. I can say now that duh – there MUST be a connection, because after just two days, that puffiness is subsiding. I also had not just one sluggish, loose bowel movement today, but two solid ones! I am optimistic and I feel empowered and excited to know that I’m taking good care of my body. 🙂 So thank you!

Stephanie N. Testimonial

Stephanie N.

Source: Dr. Doni

Dr. Doni Wilson was the first doctor I met who not only did not respond to my diagnosis with alarm and reprimand but gently and confidently expressed her belief that the dysplasia was a complex of conditions that could not only be reversed but could be prevented from returning. The difference between the two systems of thought could not have been more dramatic: one accused me of putting myself in danger for not rushing to surgery to remove part of my cervix and the other calmly, confidently reinforced my own strength and the strength of my body to heal itself with proper medical guidance and supportive intervention.

Over the course of three months under naturopathic care, I was given topical escharotic treatments which were gentle and simple, put on a regimen of vitamin and mineral supplements, and asked to remove wheat, dairy and sugar from my normal diet. Following the protocol strictly, I went back to a traditional gynecologist for a follow-up pap exam. When results came back, my severe dysplasia (originally diagnosed as “pre-cancer”) had reversed to mild, a condition that even traditional doctors agree would likely go away on its own.

In three short months, I went from certain cancer to normal health. In the process, I was left wondering why such simple, effective and whole-body treatment was so difficult to find and so dismissed by even the most recognized and competent physicians. When I reported my results to Dr. Doni, she calmly celebrated the results and said with confidence that we would now work together on healing the mild dysplasia and getting rid of the HPV. Something every other traditional doctor said was impossible.

I am living, ecstatic proof that the “impossible” is in fact possible. Dr. Doni did nothing short than save me from devastating surgery and proved to me that the body has incredible power to heal itself under the support and guidance of a trained, knowledgeable naturopathic doctor.  I am forever grateful for having met Dr. Doni and to have learned through her that health and well-being can be viewed and supported in a wholistic, life-affirming way. I cannot imagine functioning in the world we live in now, with all its complexity and stresses, without this sophisticated and generous method of treating the whole patient, mind and body that is naturopathic care.

Norma-Jean C. Testimonial

Norma-Jean C.

Source: Dr. Doni

Before working with Dr. Doni, I struggled with Crohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome since 1996. The medications to treat Crohn’s are horrific.  Sometimes the side effects were worse than the disease.  There were steroids that cause weight gain and moon face, anti-inflammatory agents that injure the upper GI tract and damage the liver, leukemia medicines to retard the immune system, aspirin derivatives that made my ears ring and one drug that damages the kidneys after prolonged use.

I could use one or a cocktail of them at any given time and the prognosis was that I would be medicated for the rest of my life. Sometimes I was taking 36 pills a day! I just couldn’t believe that my body couldn’t help itself if only someone would tell me what to do or not do naturally.  I could not live with the idea of taking these medications forever.  So I began researching a natural choice and hunted the internet for someone with a good reputation and respectable credentials.  And I found Dr. Doni.

The first thing I liked about working with Dr. Doni was that she didn’t have a “try and see” approach.  Instead she had a specific plan of “this is how we will make you better” approach.  It was both reassuring and honest.

Since that first appointment with Dr. Doni, I have been totally free of pills, medications and symptoms, and for the first time in about 16 years! I have not had a symptom of Crohn’s since the day she showed me how to upgrade my diet and recommended one natural supplement for a month.  While I may never be free of Crohn’s, I now have a natural way to deal with my occasional symptoms.

Words can not express how joyful I am no longer depending on medications and being free of their many side effects. Knowing that a simple change in my diet made me well has changed the way I think about my body completely.  I feel empowered that I have the capacity and wherewithal to make positive changes that will impact my life forever.

Now, by simply paying attention to the fuel I provide to my body has made my quality of life so much better.  I don’t get sick as often, my immune system is so strong.  If I get a cold, it lasts half the time of other people’s. My body is a perfectly working machine as long as I give it what it needs.

Thank you Dr. Doni!

Colleen M Testimonial

Colleen M

Source: Dr. Doni

I was looking for partnership with my doctor in creating good health and I found traditional medicine to be overly focused on drug therapies and treating symptoms rather than  addressing root causes.

My major health issues when I first came to you were that I was unable to make it through the day without extreme exhaustion, physical and emotional. In hindsight I realize I was suffering with depression, my weight was stuck no matter how much or often I exercised and I was experiencing digestive difficulties.

What I most like about working with you is your listening and diagnostic skills, and your shared desire to be partners in creating optimal health for me. Your willingness to give my instincts credit has impressed me right from the beginning.

Since working with you now I have incredible energy, my serotonin levels went from 50 to 150 (I’m feeling so happy and alive again!) and I have achieved digestive balance. I went from barely functioning to fully functioning.

Anna M. Testimonial

Anna M.

Source: Dr. Doni

For almost 2 years I had not been myself. It felt like my body had closed down on me and nothing I could do would help. I suffered from extreme fatigue to the point where I could not lift my arms, trembling, heart palpitations, extreme mood swings, anxiety, depression, recurrent yeast infections and an array of other symptoms.

I visited numerous doctors from primary doctors to gynecologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists and even tried acupuncture. I was prescribed various medications from anti-anxiety to birth control pills to thyroid medications. I hate taking medications but I tried everything- that is how desperate I was.

Each time I tried something it would make me even worse! After researching on the internet I came across Dr. Wilson’s website and decided to call her. I will always be grateful for that decision because it was one of the best decisions of my life!!!

Dr. Doni was amazing! From our initial phone consult I noticed immediately that she actually listened to me, unlike all the other doctors that I had gone to that were quick to offer random diagnoses and prescribe.    She ran tests to check my hormones and adrenals as well as food sensitivities and began working with me in giving my body the support it needed to re-find it’s balance.

Dr. Doni’s respect towards the intricate workings of the body, her caring and sensitivity nature as well as her immense knowledge are what makes her the best doctor I know! Even towards the end of treatment she would continue to take every symptom and physical complaint of mine seriously no matter how small they were becoming. I was so relieved that I had finally found a doctor who took me seriously and listened and respected my body as much as I do!

After two weeks of her treatment I immediately started to feel significantly better….6 months later, I am now happy to report that I have never felt better in my life and will always feel grateful for Dr. Doni’s help! Thank you Dr. Doni- you gave me my life back!!!

Steve. D Testimonial

Steve D.

Source: Dr. Doni

Prior to working with Dr. Doni, I was wheezing every night brought on by what I thought was hay fever and chronic chest congestion that was very uncomfortable.  I was ready to “try anything.”

What I liked about working with Dr. Doni was she explored the problem to its roots, not just treating the symptom.  She took steps to find out what possible underlying issues there may be, and I was shocked to find out I was actually allergic to more than just pollen.  The underlying allergies were really causing the problems.  I like how she attacked the problem head-on initially and then try to make adjustments to get optimal results.  This is a scientific approach of looking at a problem and its causes, not simply applying meaningless statistics to try to see if something works.

I also liked the fact that Dr. Doni’s approach uses the body’s systems and natural approaches to treat a problem, and not chemicals.  I like how responsive she is to questions and comments.  The level of care that she provided is something I’ve never had with any kind of physician anywhere.

These days, here is what my life is like now since working with Dr. Doni…

1) I no longer wheeze at night.  I would have been happy to just not wheeze as much, especially in the spring when my breathing was especially difficult at times.  Now, I have no such issues.

2)  I no longer have chest congestion during the day (or perhaps very little), so I don’t have to persistently clear my throat.

3)  With the dietary cleanse process, I’ve lost some weight too, which I could not get rid of even with exercise.  It wasn’t much weight loss, but it was enough to get me feeling more comfortable.

Overall, I’d have to say that my life has improved tremendously.  Considering that I started with the attitude of just taking a chance on something unconventional, I was startled to see how quickly and effectively things improved.  I literally went from wheezing every night (for only a few hours) to nothing at all in less than a week.  I also now can’t eat the foods that I liked, but I’ll take breathing over eating any day.  : )

Staying healthy isn’t cheap.  But not being healthy costs even more, monetarily, mentally and physically.

Christina Testimonial


Source: Dr. Doni

I can’t say how grateful I am for Dr. Doni and all of her work she’s done to help me regain my health and energy back! I finally feel like myself again with more energy during the day, more restful sleep, healthy digestion, and balanced hormones after going off of birth control pills! I struggled for so long and started to doubt myself, believing that it might just all be in my head (which I knew it wasn’t!), until I found Dr. Doni. It took work and patience to get to where I’m at, but I finally feel like myself again and feel so in tune with my body. I finally realize that our bodies really do give us clues and I’m forever grateful that Dr. Doni helped me decipher them to find healing more naturally!

A.B. Testimonial

A. B.

Source: Dr. Doni

Dr. Doni has saved my life. I know that sounds exaggerated but it’s true. At my first appointment, I sat with Dr. Doni for hours and cried my eyes out. For years and years, I was on all kinds of medications for depression and anxiety and it was not helping, in fact, it was making me worse. I was diagnosed as everything you can imagine and treated like a guinea pig trying every medication out there. I saw a Dr. Doni and made some diet changes, started vitamin therapy, and figured out that it was all hormonal issues and not depression at all. I now do not take any prescription medication and I have no depression or anxiety. Thank You!

L.A. Testimonial


Source: Dr. Doni

Dr. Doni, you are the best! You make a way with the use of natural therapies. You are so knowledgeable and have a great passion for helping others. I am learning how to take better care of myself. Thank you so much, Dr. Doni!

R. M. Testimonial

R. M.

Source: Dr. Doni

I had stage 2 pre-cancer cells on my cervix and HPV. I want to tell you that I got my newest report and was told I am all clear! No HPV, nothing. Thank you so much!!

A. S. Testimonial

A. S.

Source: Dr. Doni

Dr. Doni, My daughter has been following a gluten/dairy/egg free diet per your recommendations, along with probiotics, for two weeks. Her stomach issues have improved 50% or more. She has not complained of stomach pains and diarrhea episodes have decreased. I’m feeling optimistic; it really seems like this is helping her.

Alan L. Testimonial

Alan. L.

Source: Dr. Doni

Once in a while someone comes along with a different way of viewing a problem and totally transforms how others see it.  That is what Dr. Doni has done.  She created a model of restoring health that focuses on three issues – leaky gut, adrenal distress and carbohydrate/protein metabolism – to explain the myriad of health issues that plague many adults today.   I was fascinated by her description of the overlapping systems in the body (digestive, immune, neurological and endocrine) and how disruptions in one cause disruptions in others, which explains how apparent divergent symptoms are tied to the same root causes.  I have learned so much about my own body from Dr. Doni.  I also felt really taken care of by her and her support staff.  Dr. Doni is patient, listens to your input and really partners with you in creating a plan of action.  I have been to doctors and specialists for years, seeking help for a wide range of issues – constipation, gas, bloating, diminished energy, uneven/depressed mood, brain fog, food cravings (sweets), numbness in hands and feet, skin issues, sexual function issues – and none of them were able to get to the root cause of my problems.  Test after test were recommended along with multiple prescriptions but none of them gave me true relief.  Once I made some diet and lifestyle changes along with the supplements Dr. Doni recommended, I was feeling significantly better within days.  Dr. Doni has created a system that works.  Best money I ever spent!

Rob S. Testimonial

Rob S.

Source: Dr. Doni

Dr. Doni, Thanks for all the info. You will probably agree, when you started studying nutrition, you probably thought to yourself; I can’t eat anything!!  Then we realize we have to find a healthy balance.  It takes a lot of work to be vigilant to a strict diet but it is worth it to me in the end.  There is always some kind of food one can substitute to replace a favorite one that is similar and even healthier.  For example; I use teechino dandelion roast with coconut oil or Nutiva shortening and blend the drink and it does taste like coffee.  Anyway, thanks for the help.

Danielle R. Testimonial

Danielle R.

Source: Dr. Doni

I reached out to Dr. Doni when regular routes of health care were no longer working.  Initially I was suffering from terrible stomach pains and my doctor had suggested I try anti-depressants to alleviate the pain, a route I did not wish to take.  A friend had suggested a naturopathic doctor, and after asking around I found Dr. Doni.

Initially, my main concern was regarding the stomach problems.  Dr. Doni identified a number of allergies and corrected the issue along with supplements to bring balance back into my body.

A few years later when I was suffering from hormonal imbalances and mood fluctuation, another health issue my regular MDs had “given up on,” Dr. Doni was able to pinpoint the problem and show me how to bring my body back into balance – without the use of medications that in the past had only acerbated the issues.

I love that it she uses a holistic approach. Dr. Doni looks at all areas of the body, including nutrition as the basis of all health.  Bedside manner is everything, and she is a gentle and kind practitioner who understands that there is health, and there is life.  If we can find balance in our body we can find balance between these two aspects of ourselves, too.

Looking back on what Dr. Doni has helped me with, for one, my body and my moods are far more balanced now.  I no longer need pharmaceutical drugs to be healthy.  As a matter of fact, I am now healthier without them.

Secondly, I have learned (and perhaps this is most important) to be more aware of myself and my body and what it is telling me.  For example, I am now aware when I’m low on fuel (food) because my health or my mood reverts to a less-than-optimal state.

Finally, I’m a healthier individual.  I am learning to rely on healthy food and activity.  Not because I know it’s important to my health (I always knew that!), but because I know how good I feel when I do.

All in all, can I say that working with you saved my marriage?  That maybe it saved me?  Perhaps it even helped me get (and stay) pregnant when my friends were stressed and imbalanced and struggled to do so.  It sounds amazing but it is all true!!!!

Since finding Dr. Doni I’ve made many changes in my life and have continually searched for ways to better health and balance.  She’s been an inspiration and the first person I contact when I have a health concern.

Sharon E. Testimonial

Sharon E.

Source: Dr. Doni

“After going through conventional medical practitioners for too many years of disappointment, the time was overdue that I find a naturopath for my health concerns.

Doni Wilson was the ND I chose to meet with and truly, by taking the natural approach (rather than all of those medicines), including natural hormones, I quickly started to feel better.

Dr. Doni is very knowledgeable about the paths to take and continues to help me “fine tune” where I am going, nutritionally and supplement-wise.

Thank you Dr. Doni, my experiences with you have been sincerely remarkable.”

Ilene M. Testimonial

Ilene M.

Source: Dr. Doni

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 7 months ago.  I chose not to take the traditional medical path, which would have meant a lifetime of steroid medication.

Instead, I have chosen to treat the disease with Dr. Doni’s help which included a natural approach involving supplements, vitamins, being mindful of food allergies, and a plan to improve the GI problems that led to this problem in the first place.

After only a short time, my symptoms were under control and I was able to go back to work and enter back into my normal routine, with a few alterations.

Now, after 7 months, I am able to exercise, my energy has improved and I have resumed my regular schedule.  Most people have no idea that I have a “debilitating disease”!!

I also want to add that it was a real pleasure to work with Dr. Doni and her staff. I wanted to find a doctor that would provide good customer service, because I am always looking for general good health for me and my family.

What I particularly loved about Dr. Doni’s approach is that I always get a timely response from her and her staff and they are always willing to listen.  She doesn’t try to accomplish too much at once, but lays out a simple plan that is attainable.

I continue to feel better each day, and I’m sure that I’m on the right path to staying healthy.

Caroline F. Testimonial

Caroline F.

Source: Dr. Doni

Dr. Doni was referred to me by my nutritionist who I was working with to manage my Type 2 Diabetes through diet. But I still struggled with stress, was overly tired and experienced chronic allergies.

Dr. Doni spent time listening to me, learning about who I was and what I needed as an individual. It felt wonderful to be heard and acknowledged for what I was saying by my docotr. I was so used to being given pills and prescriptions!

Now, my diabetes is under control, I don’t suffer from allergies, and most of all I have tons of energy! I feel confident that I can live my life with diabetes without it being a death sentence or traditional medications which have horrible side effects.

I am blessed that I was introduced to Dr. Doni!  She has changed my life so I can live it to the fullest!

Shary D. Testimonial

Shary D.

Source: Dr. Doni

 My husband Steve had such positive results in working with you on his allergies, and given my general lack of confidence in the medical/pharmaceutical industry, I decided to consult with you regarding my own general health.

On my initial appointment with you I was extremely impressed with our session, which consisted mainly of your asking questions and getting a thorough understanding of my current health and lifestyle, family history and past health issues. You did not rely on a standard check-off questionnaire with a list of catchall diseases/problems that had little relevance to my personal history. I did not feel pressured or hurried, and I learned a great deal from our meeting. As importantly, you respected my decision on how I wanted to attain lifelong health and did not pressure me into “just-in-case” screenings with which I am not comfortable.

The aspect of your practice that is the most important to me is that you look for the cause of health problems; you do not prescribe drugs (or even supplements) to mask symptoms. Also important is the fact that your approach to health is organic to the body, not driven by drugs the pharmaceutical industry is peddling on any given day. Your approach is health driven (attaining and maintaining optimal health and heading off illness) rather than disease driven. And it’s client-specific, with the understanding that patients are individual in their health care and medical needs.

Since working with you I feel much more energetic and believe I am headed in the right direction for lifelong health. I’ve also learned a great deal from you about staying healthy and warding off future problems. Obviously we don’t know what the future holds, but I feel that in partnering with you, I have a better chance at keeping ahead of issues.