Dr. Doni brings to you a high-quality learning experience with in-depth knowledge on how to treat different health issues with a holistic natural approach.

Get started on your healing journey with Dr. Doni's proven strategies and protocols that have helped thousands of people for over 23 years - you won't find such valuable information anywhere else!

Chronic stress can lead to a condition called adrenal distress, where your adrenals get stuck in “stress mode.” Dr. Doni can help get your cortisol and/or adrenaline levels back in balance with natural remedies.

In this Free Masterclass she teaches the exact strategy and structure used with her patients and Stress Warrior™ Program participants to fully recover from stress and trauma.

Dr. Doni has been helping women address HPV naturally for over 23 years. She has identified an important mindset shift and step-by-step protocol that has helped thousands of women successfully clear HPV, for good.

In this Free Masterclass we cover the following topics:
• Most common questions – and not so common!
How trauma and stress are connected to HPV
Empowerment: taking your health into your own hands

Learn the Step by Step System that Dr. Doni developed to address MTHFR. Without it, you may find yourself feeling worse, not feeling better, and/or wondering what you’re missing.

In this Free Masterclass we cover the following topics:
• What is MTHFR?
• How much of an effect MTHFR can have on your health
• How to know if you have an MTHFR gene variation
• What to do once you find out you have the gene variation
• Ongoing ways to address and monitor MTHFR

Heal Leaky Gut

Leaky gut occurs when the cells lining the small intestine become unhealthy. Dr. Doni is an expert in healing and reoptimizing the gut biome.

In this Free Masterclass we cover the following topics:
• What is leaky gut and what health issues does it cause?
• What is the best way to know whether you have leaky gut?
• How exactly does stress cause leaky gut?
• Common misconceptions about leaky gut

Transform Your Life

Anxiety and depression are not the same for everyone. If you are searching for solutions, and tired of numbing yourself in order to navigate your life join this transformative masterclass.

In this Free Masterclass we cover the following topics:
• How to resolve anxiety and depression
• How stress causes anxiety and depression
• Amino acid therapy and how it can be used to rebalance your neurotransmitter levels
• Genetic influences and how to address them
• Gut-brain-microbiome connection

What if it was possible to detox in a way that doesn’t make you feel worse? With Dr. Doni's holistic approach it's possible to detoxify physically, emotionally, and spiritually while keeping up with your daily life.

In this Free Masterclass we cover the following topics:
• What is detoxification
What toxins are we exposed to
How to know if you need to detox
How to do it safely and effectively
Types of fasting and how to integrate them
What is inflammation and oxidative stress

Calm in the Storm

You'll learn research-backed techniques to find calm and resilience, even in stressful times. You'll leave this masterclass with a stress toolbox of techniques and a personalized action plan for healing, so you can find calm even in the midst of the storm.

In this Free Masterclass we cover the following topics:
• The physiology of stress and how it impacts your adrenal glands
• Customized stress relief plans based on your unique Stress Type
• Lifestyle changes and routines to support lasting mind-body balance
• The mind-body connection and how to harness it for inner peace
• Creating a daily routine optimized for relaxation and rejuvenation