The Link Between HPV and Narcissistic Abuse: Healing Naturally from Cervical Dysplasia, Abnormal Pap Smears, and Narcissistic Relationships (Episode 209)

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The Link Between HPV and Narcissistic Abuse: Healing Naturally from Cervical Dysplasia, Abnormal Pap Smears, and Narcissistic Relationships (Episode 209)

Narcissism is when one human is taking advantage of another human. Gaslighting is when a narcissist makes you doubt yourself. It's no coincidence that HPV is a virus that has narcissistic traits itself.
Research shows that women exposed to narcissistic abuse are more likely to test positive for HPV. Dr. Doni explains what narcissism is, what it looks like in relationships, and what to do to recover to be able to clear the virus.

There is an increased risk of HPV and cervical cancer when exposed to narcissism, gaslighting, and other forms of narcissistic abuse. 

This is a really important topic, especially for women who are going through the process of having an abnormal pap smear and finding out that they’re testing positive for the HPV virus, as well as for women who have maybe been dealing with HPV for years or even decades of their life. 

The standard medical system does address the abnormal cells using either a LEEP or surgical procedure. However, the standard medical system does NOT help you address the HPV virus, so the virus continues and can continue to cause abnormal cells to recur time and time again.

First of All: The Body Can Clear HPV

Unfortunately, so many women are dealing with this silently because there’s nowhere for them to speak up and ask for more help. They can literally be dealing with the HPV virus and abnormal cells for decades of their lives and not getting help to actually address the virus. 

That’s why I focus on helping those women in my practice. After helping thousands of women for over 24 years, what I found is that it’s absolutely possible to address the HPV virus, get it to negative, and keep it negative over the long term. The key to doing that is to understand and look for what’s making those women susceptible to the virus because the fact is the human body can clear the HPV virus. 

Studies have shown this, and even the standard medical approach will acknowledge that the human body can clear the HPV virus. We just have to ask why is someone susceptible to the virus, and address those factors.

Research on HPV and the Connection to Narcissism

Today I want to focus on one of the major susceptibilities that I find in the cases that I work with, which is exposure to narcissistic abuse. I want to start by explaining what narcissism is, what narcissistic abuse is, and why it is associated with HPV. 

I want to make it very clear that there is research connecting HPV and narcissistic abuse. The research shows that when women are exposed to narcissistic abuse, they are more likely to test positive for the HPV virus, and they are also at increased risk of cervical cancer.

This is very concerning to me because, first of all, narcissistic abuse is a terrible thing for women to experience, and there’s not a lot of support to help women recover from narcissistic abuse. Women are now exposed to two things that they don’t have a lot of help with. They have exposure to narcissistic abuse, and they’re exposed to the HPV virus, and neither one of them does the standard medical system really help them with. 

I think this is why we’re seeing such high rates of women experiencing cervical cancer because they are not getting adequate help with these conditions. That’s why I feel so passionate to share this information and to share what I observe in my practice so that this information is getting out there. 

My goal is for women to know they can heal and they can get help to not only get out of narcissistic abusive situations, but to actually recover from narcissistic abuse.

What is Narcissism and What Does It Look Like?

Let’s get into some more specifics about narcissism in case some of you listening are wondering what I’m talking about. Narcissism is when one human is taking advantage of another human. Whenever someone is taking advantage of another person or even taking advantage of the situation. If someone believes that they have more power over another or more power over a situation, then that tends to be a narcissistic behavior, a narcissistic trait, or maybe then leads to narcissistic abuse of the person that they’re trying to have power or control over.

Oftentimes this happens in relationships like a marriage or other partnership. It could happen in a friendship. It could happen in a boss and employee relationship. It could happen in a parent and child relationship. It can happen in a lot of different types of relationships. 

It can also be if a person causes the other person to question themselves, doubt themselves, and feel anxious or afraid in a general way or about their life and about their safety. If you ever feel that someone in your life is criticizing you or saying things to you that makes you doubt yourself, makes you doubt yourself as a human, as a person, and is criticizing you, and causing you to feel anxious and afraid. That is called gaslighting and it is a sign to me that there may be some narcissism happening in that relationship with this other person. 

I would always recommend that you talk it through with someone who can help you evaluate and make sure that you’re safe and make sure that you’re not having your identity dismissed or questioned by another person. It’s best to discuss with a psychologist who specializes in helping with narcissist abuse, as well as dealing with sociopathic behaviors and other personality disorders. Do this BEFORE you bring it up with the person in your life.

Signs of Gaslighting in a Narcissistic Relationship

In a narcissistic relationship, there’s a dismissing of another person’s voice, their choice, their autonomy, their needs and desires. If you ever feel that your voice, what you believe to be true and what you believe to be necessary is being dismissed continually by another person, that’s a sign that there can be some amount of narcissistic abuse or abuse in general occurring in that interaction or relationship. 

Another sign I wanted to point out is manipulation. If you feel that the other person is in some way manipulating you, saying one thing and doing another thing, or saying something in order to get you to do something, that’s called manipulation and that is a common thing that comes up with narcissistic abuse. Lying and blaming are also common behaviors. 

What happens with this kind of toxicity in relationships is that we become emotionally abused, we lose the connection with ourselves, and we end up becoming more and more anxious, depressed, and susceptible to health issues, including HPV. That’s why this is so important to identify and address. 

I know that it can be very scary because when you’re in that type of a situation, no matter what kind of relationship it is in your life, it can be very scary to first of all even identify that it’s happening, to even talk to anyone about it, and to think of doing something about it can be very scary.

The other thing that I want to point out, and I want you to know, is that there’s help. I do help many women to navigate this and to not only get the HPV to negative, but to recover from narcissistic abuse and to be able to really change your life to not have to be exposed to narcissistic abuse anymore in the future. 

The Narcissistic Traits of HPV Itself 

When helping women recover from HPV and recover from narcissistic abuse, I started to realize that the HPV virus itself has narcissistic traits. I think that’s really interesting, and I want to just say it out loud because I think it may help you understand why the HPV virus is present. 

It would make sense that a virus with narcissistic traits would exist in your body, in your environment, when your body is used to being exposed to narcissistic abuse. It aligns. 

HPV is a virus that takes advantage of a person who is depleted. When we’re depleted and run down and our hormones are out of balance, this virus is taking advantage of that situation and coming in and causing abnormal cells, just like a narcissist. This virus is taking advantage of you being depleted. 

The virus is acting as though it has more power over your body than you do. This is your body, your cervix, and this virus is coming in thinking that it gets to cause abnormal cells in your body. That’s very narcissistic. 

It’s also causing you to question yourself and feel anxious and afraid. As soon as you find out you have HPV positive, it’s common to think, “Why did this happen to me? Who am I as a person? Did I do something wrong? Is it going to cause cancer?” It causes all kinds of anxiety, fear, and doubt. That’s the same as what a narcissist causes. And the virus ends up making you more susceptible to it by doing that, by putting you into a state of stress and fear. 

How to Recover: From HPV and from Narcissism

In order to help get rid of this narcissistic virus, we need to help your body recover from narcissism in general.

What happens when we’re exposed to narcissistic abuse is that our nervous system gets used to that chaos and stress and dissonance, and then we end up choosing relationships that are similar because that feels familiar. We end up choosing it, thinking that it’s correct, it’s what our nervous system is used to. 

We get used to being constantly stressed. We get used to constantly thinking things are changing. We don’t know what’s going to come next. We don’t know if we’re going to be accepted and loved. It’s all conditional. It’s all changing. That’s a narcissistic environment. Our nervous system gets used to that, and so we continually choose that in our lives. The virus comes in because it’s attracted to that type of chaotic, stressful environment.

What I do is I help you to shift that and to actually recover from the stress so that your body is no longer matching the chaos. To do that we need to rebalance your neurotransmitters, rebalance your cortisol levels, rebalance your microbiome even. You could have a microbiome that’s aligned with narcissistic abuse.

We shift your hormones, nutrient levels, neurotransmitters, and microbiome to be aligned with a healthy, balanced, peaceful state. 

We get everything realigned, and I think most importantly, we help you to be realigned with yourself, to trust yourself, to know that you are important, you are worthy, your message and your voice is important, you deserve to be heard, you deserve to be cared for, you deserve to have the information you need to take care of yourself, you deserve the time and attention and information so that you can heal.

Choosing to Heal

As you start to connect with yourself and take that in and choose in that direction of healing and support, you start to realign your nervous system with a whole new set of information, and you start to realign with your true self. 

As you realign with your true, loving self and you start to trust yourself again, and you start to believe that you are worthy, then things shift. Not only do you shift your life and your choices, you also shift that situation with HPV. 

HPV cannot survive in an environment where you are aligned with yourself and you’re making healthy choices. HPV will run and disappear because it cannot exist in that environment. It cannot exist in a person who has fully recovered from stress.

What we need to do in order to heal and to get HPV to go away is to help your nervous system recover from narcissistic abuse and help you to rebalance and recover from that type of relationship and toxicity in your life. 

You deserve to heal. You deserve to feel loved. You deserve to feel important. You deserve those things as a human, and your true authentic self already knows that. 

When you start to listen to your true authentic self, it’s going to know already: “I deserve, I’m important, I am worthy, I am worthy of healing, and I’m worthy of protection from narcissistic abuse and worthy of protection from the HPV virus.”

Getting Support for HPV

If this is resonating with you and this sounds like something that you’ve been through in your life, I’d be happy to help guide you from here. You can start by joining me in the next Heal HPV Worldwide Workshop where I cover more of this and how to take the next steps forward.

These are all available anywhere in the world because I do not believe that we should be limited by time, space, location, or situation. I think all women deserve access to this information, and that’s why I make sure to make it available wherever you are. Please don’t hesitate to reach out wherever you’re listening to this from, and my office team can help connect you with the right amount of support for you so that you actually can get the help you need.

Don’t Suffer in Isolation

So many women tell me: “I can’t possibly tell this other person in my life that this is happening or that I want to choose natural approaches because they might criticize me.” Women tend to feel isolated when dealing with HPV.

This is another way that HPV is narcissist. Narcissistic abuse causes isolation, so women who have been abused are used to be isolated. 

Women tell me that they don’t know who to ask for help, and their doctors are not helping them. Time goes on and the abnormal cells end up becoming worse. I think that is a major issue and reason why women suffer in silence.

I’d rather you act now. I’d rather you say “Enough is enough! I’m important. I need to choose supporting myself no matter what anybody else thinks. I’m going to start making different choices today.” 

And we’re here to help you do that. We want you to know that you don’t have to be alone and you don’t have to be suffering from recurrent procedures and fear and stress because of HPV, and that it is possible to heal and recover both from HPV and from narcissistic abuse.

If you are ready to get HPV to negative, you can sign up for my Say Goodbye to HPV Program here. In the program I guide you step by step to implement my protocol. I help you gain freedom from the high-risk types of HPV, and at the same time help you solve menstrual, fertility, or menopausal related issues. The Say Goodbye to HPV Program is online and available everywhere.

Say Goodbye to HPV: Heal your cervix and clear HPV with this 12-week guided program from Dr. Doni Wilson.

To learn more about my approach using my Stress and Trauma Recovery Protocol® which involves optimizing cortisol and adrenaline levels to heal the adrenals, as well as neurotransmitters, using nutrients, herbs and C.A.R.E.™ – my proprietary program to support clean eating, adequate sleep, stress recovery and exercise – I encourage you to read all about it in my latest book Master Your Stress Reset Your Health.

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I hope that this message brings you hope and inspiration and just knowing that you’re not alone, that you are important, and that healing is possible. I look forward to connecting with each of you. If this is your first time joining me at How Humans Heal, I welcome you to subscribe and leave me a comment or review. I would love to hear from you, and I look forward to seeing you in the next episode.

We’re here to help you!

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