What is making you susceptible to HPV?

I have been working with women who had abnormal cells on their cervix and/or vaginally, caused by HPV for over 20 years now. And while strategizing how to help them heal I started asking myself “What is making this person susceptible to this virus?” “Why is it not leaving”? So I focused on helping them…

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The 5 Burnout Types

Did you know there are 5 burnout types? They are based on your Stress Type®, which is how your adrenal function has been affected by stress. The adrenal glands make cortisol and adrenaline, which are our stress hormones. When we are exposed to stress and trauma from various sources (see prior post), it causes our…

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Detoxification is a process that happens naturally in our bodies, so why do we need a detoxification program? Dr. Doni looks at the 6 essential aspects of a detoxification program.

The Healing Power of Detoxification: How to Do It Right

We are constantly exposed to harmful toxins in our food, air, and water. Dr. Doni talks about the health risks of common household toxins and how to safely detoxify in a way that’s easy on your body.

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Stress and trauma increase the risk of common health issues, That's why it's important to take action. Dr. Doni Wilson lays out the three phases of a Stress Recovery Protocol.

The Science Behind Stress and Trauma and How We Can Recover

The effects of stress and trauma can be debilitating, unless we take action. Dr. Doni summarizes the results of hundreds of research studies demonstrating that it is, in fact, possible for our bodies to heal and recover – even after enduring severe stress.

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Dr. Doni's favorite stress-busting foods and two amazing recipes that you are going to want to make (and eat) right away!

5 Stress-Busting Foods for Good SelfC.A.R.E.

Dr. Doni shows you how the foods you eat can make all the difference in your health and stress levels. She also shares some delicious, nutrient-dense recipes she created to fuel and sustain her body.

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Dr. Doni's Holiday Survival Checklist to help you Master Your Stress during this year's holiday season.

Your Holiday Survival Checklist

Stress management is not one-size-fits-all. So during the holiday season when stress increases – let’s first 1) find out how stress affects you as an individual, and 2) implement SelfC.A.R.E. in a way that matches your Stress Type.

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One of the biggest stresses that we can experience is the death of a loved one. Many health problems can develop when we're under high stress, so Dr. Doni talks about self-care when you are grieving the loss of a loved one.

How to Deal with the Death of a Loved One

Dr. Doni’s father recently died, so she’s relearning how to process and accept this profound loss. She shares how we can all shift the experience of loss, grief, and the associated stress with a better understanding of self-care.

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Adrenal Facts and Misconceptions

More and more people are seeking out functional medicine practitioners and learning that their adrenal glands need attention because they are not addressed by conventional practitioners. Read on to learn about Dr. Doni’s adrenal gland research and protocol that is adding years to her patients’ lives.

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We get so accustomed to stress exposure that it becomes just a part of everyday life. We don't even notice it anymore, like a fish and its fishbowl.

Stress Is Like a Fishbowl

Most of us get so accustomed to stress exposure that we can’t imagine what it is like to exist outside of it. Read Dr. Doni’s very personal and vulnerable story about troubling relationships, feeling disconnected from herself, and how she discovered the breakthrough of five stress types.

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Vitamins and supplements can help support your body with depleted nutrients, improving your life and longevity.

Vitamins and Supplements: What to Take, How Often, and the Best Pill Organizers

Even when we eat healthy, we might not be getting enough of the vitamins we need. Stress exposure causes our bodies to burn through more nutrients to help us keep up with our daily lives and metabolic needs. Dr. Doni covers the vitamins and other dietary supplements that can help support your body and improve your health and longevity.

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How Can I Have Leaky Gut If I Don't Have Digestive Symptoms? Dr. Doni Wilson talks about the underlying cause of 6 common chronic health issues.

Leaky Gut: The Hidden Cause of 6 Chronic Health Issues

Leaky gut doesn’t always express itself in the form of digestive issues. That means it can go on undetected for years, growing into a bigger problem that will almost certainly lead to noticeable symptoms and common chronic health problems.

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