Adrenal Facts and Misconceptions

More and more people are seeking out functional medicine practitioners and learning that their adrenal glands need attention because they are not addressed by conventional practitioners. Read on to learn about Dr. Doni’s adrenal gland research and protocol that is adding years to her patients’ lives.

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Let's look at the connection between stress and cortisol levels and the symptoms associated with sustained stress exposure.

What Is Cortisol and How Does It Relate to Stress?

Coritsol is our body’s safety mechanism. But when cortisol is too high or too low it sends signals to the body’s four main systems that something is wrong, creating symptoms that indicate an unhealthy amount of stress exposure. Learn about the connection between cortisol and stress so that you can reduce or even eliminate these harmful symptoms.

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Finding a Naturopathic Doctor For Your Needs

Finding a Naturopathic Doctor to Support Your Health Goals

Finding a naturopathic doctor to support your alternative health goals isn’t impossible thanks to exciting virtual opportunities and solutions. It was almost four years ago to the day that I wrote about the changing face of medicine and the role naturopathic doctors are playing in it. Since then, a lot has changed. Chronic conditions, such…

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Emotional PTSD is more common than people think.

Betrayal & PTSD: Moving Past Emotional Stress

Discover how dealing with betrayal can cause damaging physical and emotional stress on the human body that results in lasting health ramifications. Betrayal is a devasting thing. Whether from our spouses… Or best friends… Or a family member or business partner (or boss)… Or a community or organization… It cuts us deep and leaves sometimes…

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Self-care on Mother's Day is nice but moms need mental health and stress resets all year long.

Taking Care of SUPERMom: A 365 Day Approach to Health

This Mother’s Day find out how to give Mom the gift of health and less stress all year round—not just on the days a calendar tells us to!   A pedicure to paint those pretty toes… A massage to work out the kinks… A new bath bomb or lotion to moisturize the skin… Sound familiar?…

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Autoimmunity, ALS, Crohns disease, Graves disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Celiac disease, Alzheimers, Epstein Barr virus, Hashimotos disease

5 Steps to Reverse Autoimmunity and Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmunity lies at the root of many serious health conditions. While there are many things that can trigger autoimmune diseases, there are five culprits that are the most common. Let’s take a look at what causes autoimmunity, what symptoms might signal an autoimmune issue, and the kinds of tests are recommended so that you can take steps to reverse autoimmunity.

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Dr. Doni is participating in the Raising Toddlers Courageously Conference, an online event devoted entirely to to taking the frustration, chaos, and guesswork out of raising toddlers. Her presentation is about how to support our body’s stress recovery process that works for adults and children.

Reducing Stress to Boost Family Health

Stress is no stranger to mothers. That’s why Dr. Doni is participating in the Raising Toddlers Courageously Conference, an online event devoted to taking the frustration, chaos, and guesswork out of raising toddlers. Her presentation is about how to support our body’s stress recovery process – for adults and children.

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adrenal distress, adrenal fatigue, adrenal burnout, stress fingerprint, weakened immune system, sleep problems, low energy

Adrenal Recovery: Are You Giving Your Body Everything It Needs?

Adrenal distress is often the underlying cause of some of the most common chronic health issues. By looking at your cortisol and adrenaline levels, you can uncover your individual “stress fingerprint,” and chart a path back to wellness – without drugs and other medications.

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MTHFR mutation, genetic destiny, traditional medicine fails, conventional medicine vs naturopathic medicine, health tendencies

3 Steps to Getting Well When Conventional Medicine Fails

The only way to resolve ongoing health issues is to look at the whole body and identify the underlying cause(s). This is where conventional medicine often falls short, focusing instead on specific areas of the body without considering their relationship to the whole. Let’s take a deeper look at how naturopathic medicine – and Dr. Doni’s approach in particular – can help you achieve and maintain health and wellness.

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what is mthfr, MTHFR gene, MTHFR mutation, neurotransmitters, vitamin B12, folate, methylfolate

How Adrenal Distress Affects MTHFR and Methylation

When you’re constantly in “stress mode,” it can put tremendous strain on your adrenal glands, leaving you feeling depleted and less able to respond to stress in a healthy way. What’s worse is that common treatments can actually make you feel worse. Here’s a natural, drug-free approach to recovering from adrenal distress.

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underactive thyroid symptoms, low thyroid symptoms, thyroid underactive, thyroid hormone, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Depression

Low Thyroid Function and Stress: What’s the Connection?

Hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) is one of the most common health issues in the U.S. It is not often identified by standard blood work, and the common treatments do not adequately address it. Let’s look at the symptoms and causes of an underactive thyroid, and what you can do to help your body recover.

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adrenal distress, leaky gut, sleep, exercise, emotional stress, physical stress

Adrenal Distress and Leaky Gut: What’s the Connection?

Continued stress on the body leads to two major disturbances: Adrenal distress and leaky gut. Here’s a closer look at the two, the connection between them, and most importantly, what you can do to help your body fight back.

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adrenal distress, adrenal fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, cortisol, adrenaline, ovarian function, epigenetics

Moms: Do You Have Adrenal Distress Syndrome?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for small children put enormous stresses on a mother’s body over a long period of time, which can lead to adrenal distress. In most cases, the good news is that with the right support, moms can recover from adrenal distress.

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