Healing HPV Before, During, and After Pregnancy (Episode 199)

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Healing HPV Before, During, and After Pregnancy (Episode 199)

Let's look at HPV and pregnancy: Before, during, and after. With my patients who are pregnant, we're preventing advancement of abnormal cells and aiming to get HPV to negative by the time they get to the end of pregnancy.
Healing HPV is possible during fertility and pregnancy years. Dr. Doni explains how her proven HPV protocol helps women get rid of the HPV virus before, during, and after pregnancy.

In this episode, I want to talk about HPV and pregnancy, breastfeeding, and fertility in general.  

It is actually quite common for me, as a naturopathic doctor and midwife, to be helping women who are hoping for pregnancy soon, or might already be pregnant, and then test positive for HPV, and in some cases, abnormal cells.

This is such an important time of women’s lives because it is right when they are needing their cervix and uterus to be healthy for a pregnancy. So, it can be quite shocking to find out that HPV is present and potentially affecting their ability to get pregnant and maintain a pregnancy.

Abnormal Cells and LEEP Procedures 

A common scenario is when women start thinking about getting pregnant, and go in for a pap smear, which is a good idea. Then, if the results show HPV detected and potentially abnormal cells, women may need to (and want to) address it before getting pregnant. 

If there are more severely abnormal cells, such as CIN 2 CIN 3, the gynecologist is likely to recommend a LEEP procedure. This procedure is to remove the abnormal cells because we don’t want those abnormal cells to progress. 

The issue is that when a LEEP procedure is performed there’s the risk of damage to the cervix especially in cases where women are having to have more than one LEEP procedure. 

Additionally, the procedure does not kill the HPV virus so after the LEEP procedure, you’re going to need to go back in and recheck and make sure abnormal cells did not develop again. If they do develop again then the doctor will likely recommend another LEEP or a conization, which is when part of the cervix is removed. 

It is with repeat LEEP procedures and conization that there is damage to the cervix which can increase the risk of miscarriage when a pregnancy occurs.

This is important information for women to have because your doctor might not be even explaining that to you. The standard doctor’s office doesn’t have a way to stop recurrent abnormal cells. 

However, there are other options that are effective. With my proven protocol – using nutrition, herbs, nutrients and natural substances – I see women healing their cervix, without procedures.

This is why a lot of women reach out to my office for help. You can call or e-mail my office directly from my website at doctordoni.com. We can set up a time to review your case, review your results and talk about the alternatives in your situation.

Alternatives to LEEP and Conization

Say you find out you have abnormal cells on your cervix before you get pregnant and you’re wondering what else you can do besides a LEEP procedure. Let’s talk it through. 

If your results show CIN-1, we want to focus on helping your cervix to heal before it advances to higher grade cells. And there’s so much we can do – diet changes, clinical doses of nutrients and herbs, and stress recovery, as well as vaginal suppositories of herbs, nutrients, and probiotics. 

Remember, what I find to be a major underlying cause of HPV and abnormal cells is exposure to stress and trauma, without adequate recovery. That’s why it’s so important to follow my Stress Recovery Protocol.

What we find with women who follow my protocol is the abnormal cells go away, the virus goes to negative, and then time and again, it stays negative. 

By the time women complete my protocol, they know how to protect themselves from HPV, and the doses of nutrients and herbs to take to maintain a healthy system that can protect them from the HPV virus. 

Escharotic Treatment Option 

If your results show CIN-2 or CIN-3 and you are looking for an alternative to LEEP, conization or hysterectomy, then I definitely recommend you reach out to me so we can talk through your case. 

You may be a candidate for an escharotic treatment. Escharotic treatment is a traditional herbal and nutrient application to the cervix to remove abnormal cells without damaging the cervix. 

I’ve been trained and using escharotic treatments clinically for 25 years and I was trained by practitioners who have been offering these treatments for decades before me. 

I see very high success rates with escharotic treatment, including for women who I’ve helped from around the world.

Despite what you may see on websites online, I find an escharotic treatment to be an effective alternative to procedures. However, it is important that you work with a practitioner who has the training and experience that I have.

I can’t speak for anyone else offering escharotics, but from my experience, I see very good success – eliminating abnormal cells, getting HPV to negative, and preventing it from coming back. 

So if you’re concerned about doing a LEEP or conization, and want to prevent a hysterectomy, escharotic treatments are as an effective alternative when working with a practitioner who performs them the way I train practitioners to do them. 

HPV, Fertility, and Getting Pregnant

Whenever possible, it is better to follow my protocol before you get pregnant because we’re able to use more therapies pre-conception that we won’t use during pregnancy. Plus, following my HPV protocol will help prepare you for pregnancy and improve your fertility. 

Very often we find that women are able to get pregnant much faster and easier when they’ve gone through the process of addressing everything that was making them susceptible to HPV. 

We’re addressing deficiencies, gut health, hormones, and the microbiome so your body can fend off HPV, and at the same time, these same things help the ovaries start working better. Ovulation and hormone production improves, supporting fertility.

Over and over, I find women getting pregnant even before they realize it. They message me surprised and say “oh my gosh, I got pregnant already.”

Then we shift to a pregnancy protocol to continue addressing HPV (if needed). 

HPV and Pregnancy

When pregnant, it’s not that you can’t do anything to address HPV. Please know that there are still things we can do to protect you from the virus.

We want to prevent the virus from causing abnormal cells on the cervix during pregnancy. A lot of times women are waiting to address abnormal cells during pregnancy because their doctor says nothing can be done, yet from my perspective, there’s a lot we can do.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding there are certain nutrients and homeopathic remedies, that we can use at specific doses that are safe. There are also other approaches, such as dietary changes, gut healing, and adrenal support, that we can use to help you fend off HPV and prevent abnormal cells. 

It’s important to work with a practitioner who understands what are safe approaches during pregnancy and breastfeeding so it’s helping you and benefiting the baby. It just so happens that I’m trained in supporting moms and babies with natural approaches, so it’s exactly what I specialize in and have helped with women for over 2 decades. 

There’s also research that in 11% of pregnancies HPV is passed to the baby so if you have HPV and get pregnant it’s worth optimizing nutrients, diet, and using effective approaches to decrease the viral load of HPV in order to decrease the likelihood of transmitting the virus to your baby. HPV is associated with health issues for children, so it’s better to prevent it. 

With my patients who are pregnant, we’re preventing advancement of abnormal cells and aiming to get HPV to negative by the time they get to the end of pregnancy. 

In Summary: Preventing Cervical Cancer and Improving Fertility

By following my HPV and stress recovery protocol, my patients and program participants are experiencing improvements, where in their next pap, abnormal cells are gone and HPV becomes undetected. That is unheard of in standard gynecology. 

This is opening up opportunities for women to prevent procedures that can damage their cervix, or worse, needing to have a hysterectomy, which can greatly affect their fertility plans. 

So we are essentially preventing cervical cancer, and improving fertility, while supporting both moms and babies to be healthier. 

One of the most rewarding parts of what I do is to help women feel empowered about ways they can support their health and future using natural substances that don’t have side effects or cause damage when used correctly. I want you to know healing is possible for you too.

It may sound too good to be true until you read the testimonials and hear from the women who have experienced this transformation. Be sure to check out the success stories on my website. 

If you want to learn more about my approach to healing HPV, a good place to begin is to sign up for the upcoming Heal HPV Worldwide Workshop. In the workshop, I share stories of women who worked with me through this process because I want you to hear from them how they were able to do this. It inspires hope that overcoming HPV is achievable.

If you would like to learn more about my adrenal Stress Recovery Protocol® which involves optimizing cortisol and adrenaline levels using nutrients, herbs and C.A.R.E.™, my proprietary program to support clean eating, adequate sleep, stress recovery and exercise, you can read all about it in my latest book Master Your Stress Reset Your Health.

I’m happy to help guide you by working one-on-one or through my online programs where you access my protocols. I hope this inspires you healing is possible during fertility and pregnancy years. I look forward to connecting with you.

We’re here to help you!

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