Debunking 5 Common Myths About HPV with Dr. Doni (Episode 195)

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Debunking 5 Common Myths About HPV with Dr. Doni (Episode 195)

Given that HPV is associated with many types of cancers, circulating common HPV myths can put women (and men) at greater risk. Dr. Doni covers the basic facts about HPV to debunk these myths.
This stigma around HPV is increasing the risk of cancer in women. Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer for women in the U.S. We cannot risk ignoring HPV, staying silent out of shame or fear, or allowing myths and misinformation to persist.

In my practice, there are 5 common myths when it comes to HPV or human papilloma virus. As a doctor, midwife, and clinical nutritionist, I want to take a stand and be part of changing women’s healthcare in order to prevent HPV-related cancers, which are actually increasing worldwide.

HPV Myths Put Women at Greater Risk

We most often hear about cervical cancer for women, which is the third most common cancer for women in the United States. High risk types of HPV are also associated with vaginal, penile, anal, and oral cancers. 

As humans, we cannot risk ignoring this virus, staying silent out of shame or fear, or allowing myths and misinformation to persist. I have made it my mission to speak up on behalf of the millions of women diagnosed HPV-positive and struggling with this virus. 

I also want to advocate for the millions diagnosed with HPV-related cancer who feel too ashamed and embarrassed to speak up. Most women I talk to feel too self-conscious to even share their name or show their face on video due to the stigma around this virus. This stigma is putting women at even higher risk of cancer. The same goes for men, who are not routinely screened for HPV yet are still at risk of cancers caused by it.

Myth 1: All You Can Do is Wait

The first myth is that when diagnosed with HPV, all you can do is wait and see if it causes abnormal cells or cancer. Gynecologists often tell women to come back in 6 months or a year to see if the virus clears on its own. But for many women, the virus persists, leading to numerous medical procedures and years or decades living in fear and shame. 

The reality is that there is so much you can do instead of just waiting to see if this virus causes abnormal cells. There are proven dietary changes, nutrients, herbs and other natural approaches that help patients clear HPV. Every day in my practice as a naturopathic doctor, midwife and clinical nutritionist, I guide women on what they can do to protect themselves from cervical cancer and abnormal cells. 

After following my protocol, we see their next pap and HPV test come back negative. They then hear from their gynecologist that their “cervix and vaginal tissue looks better than good” and that they have “graduated to less frequent screening.”

There is a proven protocol I’ve developed from decades of experience that works. You don’t have to just wait around for HPV to progress.

Myth 2: It’s Not Possible to Get Rid of HPV

Another HPV myth is that it’s not possible to clear HPV. Most times women are hearing from their practitioners that it’s not possible to get HPV to negative and I absolutely disagree. 

My patients have proven to me time and time again, year after year, case after case that when they follow my comprehensive protocol, they are getting HPV to negative.

When patients implement my comprehensive protocol, we consistently see the virus clear and stay negative for years or decades afterwards. 

Getting an HPV-negative test result means the virus is inactive and unable to cause abnormal cells, cancer, or transmission. I want to be clear – it IS possible to clear HPV naturally. Don’t lose hope.

Myth 3: HPV Is Your Own Fault

A very damaging myth is that HPV is somehow women’s fault, and they should feel ashamed about their diagnosis. 

It’s not your fault. It’s not a man’s fault. In reality, it’s no one’s fault. There’s no way to track down and prove who gave the virus to who. HPV is an incredibly common virus that most of us are exposed to at some point. Vaccine or not, studies show we will get exposed and potentially test positive.

Women end up thinking they shouldn’t have had sex, should have gotten the vaccine, or beat themselves up over “should haves” from the past. Blame and shame only stress the body out more, making it harder for our immune system to get rid of this virus and raising cancer risks further. 

To move forward and get HPV to negative, we instead need self-acceptance, self-care and emotional healing. We need to give ourselves support and compassion, along with addressing what is making you susceptible to the virus, so you can reset and recover from what we’ve been through. 

That’s how we can fend off this virus for good.

Myth 4: You Will Keep Getting Re-Infected

Next is the myth that you will get re-infected with HPV over and over. That we’re gonna get it again and again if we’re exposed to it, such as if we have sex again with the same person or another person, that we’re going to get the HPV virus again.

That’s a myth. That’s not the way the HPV virus works. 

While some viruses like cold viruses work this way – you can catch a cold when re-exposed – HPV does not. Our immune system can learn to recognize and protect us against HPV for good. 

Once I help patients train their immune system through diet, lifestyle, nutrients and de-stressing, their risk of re-infection goes way down. Even with re-exposure, their bodies remember how to mount the right defenseand prevent the virus from going to positive.

So it’s essentially a process of helping women to reset their immune system, their nervous system, their microbiome, and their hormones to protect them from this virus. 

Myth 5: There Is a “Magic Pill” Cure

Finally, there is a myth that there is a silver bullet supplement or treatment that will knock out HPV all on its own. Women often call me saying they are taking AHCC, or Active Hexose Correlated Compound which is anextract of Shiitake mushrooms, hoping it alone will do the trick. 

While mushrooms like AHCC are fantastic immune boosters and I include them in my protocol, there is no magic pill cure. AHCC is only 63% effective at helping women get HPV to negative and requires long term use.

To me, an effective treatment is when we can actually get to the root cause and really address what’s making you susceptible. What are the factors that are making you susceptible to this virus, that if we address them your body can learn how to protect you.

HPV requires a systematic, root-cause approach. I assess each woman to find their unique susceptibility factors across diet, lifestyle, stress levels, past traumas, hormonal issues, nutrient needs, etc. 

Then we create a tailored protocol to address what weakened their system in the first place. With consistent support, women find their body’s innate ability to clear HPV reignites.

HPV and Outdated Medical Approaches

It is absolutely outdated how the Western medical system handles HPV. Women turn to doctors hoping for solutions, only to be told to “wait and see” if it progresses to cancer or just get invasive surgical procedures which don’t kill the virus. 

Time and time again, the abnormal cells recur and women are left with fewer and few options.

Yes we’re grateful that the medical system allows us to be able to test for abnormal cells and perform procedures and surgery when necessary and treatment for cancer when necessary, absolutely. So it’s not to say that you should not access medical care, I want to be clear: Yes, you should access medical care for the important services they can provide.

But you also need to understand that:

  1. They’re not trained in nutrition and how to change your diet
  2. They’re not trained in how to help you recover from stress and trauma
  3. They’re not trained in how to use nutrients and herbs and other homeopathic remedies

This is not shade. It’s just not a part of their medical training. They simply are not trained in the lifestyle and natural treatments that can prevent this outcome in the first place. 

Women are left on their own to figure out diet, stress relief, supplements, etc. You deserve trained guidance in clearing HPV without fear, shame or confusion. I’ve made it my life’s purpose to offer women that guidance.

That’s why I make this the focus of my practice and my business, to be able to give you a place, a safe space and place where you can access help, you can access information and resources, and you can implement it so that you also can break free of these myths and break free of HPV.

Join me online or work with me one-on-one to take control of your health and break free from HPV. With compassionate, personalized care, your body can protect you from this virus – I’ve seen it happen in thousands of women so far. 

You are not alone, and you absolutely can get your life back. I have a lot of resources to help.

If you would like to learn more about my approach to getting rid of HPV I encourage you to sign up for the Heal HPV Worldwide Workshop.

If you are ready to get rid of this virus right away, you can sign up for my Say Goodbye to HPV 12 Week Program where we go into depth about all the common susceptibilities I find, and how to effectively address them.

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