How to Detox to Reduce the Risk of HPV from Toxin Exposure (Episode 193)

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How to Detox to Reduce the Risk of HPV from Toxin Exposure (Episode 193)

Toxin exposure as one of the main reasons that some of us are more susceptible to the HPV virus – what steps can we take to protect ourselves and prevent the associated cancer risk?
There are many factors that can make us susceptible to HPV, one of which is toxin exposure: Which toxins, what is it about them that makes us susceptible, and most importantly, what can we do about it?

Toxin exposure can make you susceptible to HPV (human papilloma virus). The reason I want to point this out is because most times when we hear about the HPV virus, we hear about how to prevent exposure to the virus.

Yes, there are many types of HPV virus that we’re exposed to through sexual activity. However, studies show that most all of us are exposed to this virus at some point in our lives. That means that 1) it’s in our environment and 2) our bodies know how to protect us from HPV. It’s not just about avoiding sex or avoiding the virus. That’s not going to be the solution. 

The important focus, I find, is to look at what’s making us susceptible to the HPV virus so that we can take steps to protect ourselves and prevent the associated cancer risk.

In order to solve the situation, we need to focus on why it is that one person who’s exposed to HPV virus becomes susceptible to cancer risk whereas another person exposed to the HPV virus does not end up with cancer risk.

That’s where I put my attention, my focus and my research and that’s why I started looking into toxin exposure as one of the main reasons that some of us are more susceptible to the HPV virus.

There are many factors that can make us susceptible to HPV virus and the risk for abnormal cells caused by HPV, but in this segment I want to specifically focus on toxin exposure.

  • What are the toxins we are exposed to? 
  • What is it about them that makes us susceptible?
  • What can we do about it? 

By looking at it this way, it allows you to feel empowered about your ability to make a difference in your healthand decrease your risk associated with HPV.

Widespread Exposure to HPV

Studies estimate that over 90% of sexually active adults have been exposed to HPV at some point. While most cases of HPV resolve on their own without an issue, other cases persist and pose health risks like cervical, anal, penile, vaginal, vulvar and oropharyngeal cancers. 

So, the key question remains: why do some people develop issues while many others do not? Understanding susceptibility factors like toxin exposure is an important line of inquiry.

Toxins That Can Increase Susceptibility to HPV

When I’m referring to toxins, I’m thinking of several types of chemicals that we often exposed to in our air, water, homes, and environment in general. For example, if we’re not choosing to eat organic foods then we’re being exposed to pesticides in our foods. Yes, those count as a toxins. 

There are also toxins in our water supply and especially if you’re drinking water out of plastic water bottles, or if your food is in plastic containers, you’re also being exposed to plastic. It is well known that we’re exposed to micro plastics all the time in our environment, and they get into our bodies, and they stay in our bodies for years. 

Some of these toxins in our environment can stay in our body for more than 30 years, including different toxins that come from perfumes or or anything that has a fragrance, as well as parabens, which are often in personal care products, such as lotions and products we put on our skin. They absorb right through our skin into our bodies.

Those substances or chemicals in personal care products, water, and air can actually be very disruptive to our body.

On the toxin list there’s also mold toxins that many people don’t realize they’re exposed to. When we live or work in buildings with water damage, mold releases invisible toxins that get into our bodies and stay for decades. 

The herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) used in landscaping is another toxin found accumulating in humans. Even refined sugar and higher alcohol intake act as toxins in our bodies.

How Toxin Exposure Disrupts the Body

I’ve identified seven ways toxins make us susceptible to HPV. Toxins: 

  1. Overwhelm the liver: The liver metabolizes toxins but can get overwhelmed. Then it can’t properly detoxify estrogen and other substances, leaving toxins to circulate in our blood stream, causing damageto our cells.
  1. Deplete nutrients and antioxidants: Antioxidants counteract oxidative damage from toxins. But constant antioxidant depletion leaves none to protect our healthy cells. 
  1. Increase oxidative stress and inflammation: Toxins trigger oxidative stress. Without antioxidants, this leads to a chronic cell danger response – setting the stage for abnormal cell growth.
  1. Cause leaky gut: Toxins damage intestinal lining integrity. This impairs nutrient absorption and triggers gut inflammation, again perpetuating system dysfunction.
  1. Disrupt gut and vaginal bacteria: Gut and vaginal microbiome disruption due to toxins increases HPV susceptibility. Learn more about this in another episode of HHH.
  2. Disrupt hormones: As “endocrine disruptors,” toxins throw off carefully orchestrated hormone balance. This fans inflammation and exacerbates other issues, leaving us susceptible to HPV.
  1. Disrupt immune function: Numerous toxins directly impair immune cells. With a weakened defense system, HPV persists unchecked.

So in many interconnecting ways, environmental toxin exposure increases vulnerability to HPV infection and associated disease risks like cervical cancer. Reducing intake of these pervasive toxins is important. But also critical is assisting the body’s natural detoxification process.

The 3 Goals of a Detox

Here’s the thing when we think about detoxifying we usually just think about getting the toxins out and while yes, that’s a key factor, that’s only one of our key goals. I propose that the three goals of a detox are:

  1. To get the toxins that are in you, out of you
  2. It’s also important to think about how we prevent toxins from continuing to come in 
  3. Support you to detox physically as well as emotionally and energetically

I encourage you to think of other forms of toxins or toxicity in your life. This is a whole other level of toxicity to address. Are there toxic relationships or experiences affecting you? A comprehensive detox works physically, emotionally and energetically.

All of these goals need to be accomplished safely and effectively.

The Risks of a Detox Without Expert Guidance

A lot of times people just try to detox but they’re still getting exposed to toxins or they’re not doing it in an effective way. 

I’ve heard from patients doing all different detox programs over the years and a lot of times they actually end up feeling worse doing a detox. Then they call me and ask me to please help them recover.

So here’s the key is it’s not just about doing any detox. Believe me I know there’s a lot of detoxes out there and I’ve done them myself and felt worse myself, and that’s why it’s really important for me to share with you how to detox in a way that is actually going to help you fend off HPV successfully.

Keys to an Effective Detox

A couple key factors that I’m going to be sharing here and then I also encourage you to go listen to detox masterclasses on my website. 

  1. We need for example to make sure that you’re getting adequate nutrients to replace the nutrients that were depleted. That includes getting enough protein. 
  2. We need to make sure that your natural detoxification pathways in your body are functioning. For example, our bodies naturally detoxify through bowel movements, breathings, and sweating. 

If we don’t make sure we support our hydration, bowel regularity, and use our breath, then we’re not going to be safely and effectively detoxifying. You see what I mean? 

So these are things that I include in my detox program to make sure that you are effectively getting the toxins out. And then I teach you how to make sure that you’re not getting continually exposed to more toxins.

Another key to effective detoxification is to test for specific toxins. This is important because different toxins require a different approach or protocol to get them out of the body. 

When I work with patients one-on-one who are concerned about toxin exposure, we run special urine tests to identify specific environmental toxins. We can test, for example, for mold toxins, and glyphosate. 

Then when we get the test results back, I can explain what the results mean and how to safely and effectively detox your body of that particular toxin. 

So, there’s a general detox which you can start with but if you know that you have a specific toxin (let’s say mold toxins) we’re going to need to use a mold toxin protocol to help you to effectively get them out of your body without making you feel worse.

And so that’s why it can be helpful to do specific testing to know exactly which toxins we’re dealing with so I can guide you through that specific protocol.

And what I find is it’s absolutely possible to detoxify and get those toxins out safely effectively so that you can then move forward in your life without those toxins affecting you or your health.

Safe and Simple Detox Resources

Your digestion can heal. Your immune system can heal. Your hormones can rebalance. Your nutrients came back online. And you start to be able to protect yourself from viruses like HPV.

And then going forward, you’ll know how to avoid those toxins so that this doesn’t happen again. 

I’m so glad that you joined me today and I’m really looking forward to staying in touch with you. 

If you want to learn more exactly what I suggest to make sure you’re detoxing in a way that’s going to be beneficial, then please do watch my FREE detox masterclass and find out more about the detox that I developed.

If you are ready for an effective and safe detox you can sign up for my 14-Day Detox Program here.

HPV Programs

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