HPV Treatment Options: Proven Strategies to Get Rid of HPV (Episode 197)

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HPV Treatment Options: Proven Strategies to Get Rid of HPV (Episode 197)

Given that HPV is associated with increased cancer risk in both women and men, it's important to know the HPV treatment options available.
HPV is associated with increased cancer risk in both women and men. Dr. Doni covers the 6 key pillars of her HPV treatment protocol to help the body's immune system get rid of it.

In this episode, I cover the HPV treatment options that I use most in my practice. There are over 150 different strains of the HPV virus but I’m particularly interested in the high risk strains associated with cancer risk – cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancer for women, as well as oral and penile cancer for men.

More and more women are finding out they are testing positive for high risk HPV. My work is to help those women go from fear to empowered that they can follow an effective strategy to get HPV to negative and prevent HPV-related cancer. 

How Women are Tested for HPV

Women find out they are testing positive for HPV when they go in for a pap smear and their practitioner also runs an HPV test. There’s no screening for men in most countries, so men usually don’t know they have HPV, although both men and women are exposed to the virus and are at risk of abnormal cells caused by the virus. 

This is not a rare thing. Studies show most all of us are exposed to HPV by age 50. It is a virus in our environment and we’re all exposed through sexual activity. Even with a single partner you can be exposed to this virus.

I hope that in the future there is more screening available for men so they can be proactive. Unfortunately now men only find out they’re positive when they find out they have cancer. If there are men listening, I encourage you to keep listening because there’s a lot I’m going to talk about that applies to both men and women.

Immune System Can Often Protect Against HPV

The important thing to know is the human body can protect us from this virus. The human immune system knows how to fend it off. That’s why for most people exposed to the virus, the immune system fights it off – it goes away and there’s no cancer risk. 

That’s what we want – for our body to protect us from HPV so it goes to testing negative. With current testing based on viral load, we can determine whether the virus is active and could potentially cause abnormal cells. If the viral load is below detection, then it’s “negative“ and there’s no risk. It cannot be spread to another person. 

Our goal is for HPV to test negative.

HPV Treatment: Conventional Medicine Doesn’t Have an Answer

Unfortunately, conventional medicine doesn’t have a way to treat the virus itself. Gynecologists focus on identifying and removing abnormal cells or treating cancer if it develops. It’s absolutely important to address high grade abnormal cells. The thing is conventional medicine doesn’t have a way to treat the virus itself. 

That means many women are testing positive and may have signs of inflammation and low risk abnormal cells who want to be proactive to prevent the cells from advancing to cancer. Their doctors don’t have anything to offer them. 

And even when abnormal cells are removed, the virus is present and cause abnormal cells to develop over and over again. So women are experiencing recurrent procedures without any solution in conventional care to prevent a recurrence. 

Women go through turmoil dealing with this because the virus doesn’t always just go away – their body is not fighting it off.

There Is Much We Can Do With a Naturopathic Approach

As a naturopathic doctor, midwife, and clinical nutritionist specializing in women’s health and HPV treatment for 23+ years, what I do is look at research and analyze my clinical experience to help protect women from HPV, come up with an HPV treatment plan, and reverse abnormal cells. I use diet changes, nutrients, herbal medicine, homeopathy, balancing hormones, gut healing and more very effectively. 

I see that when I use my naturopathic approach there is so much we can do to help the body protect against HPV – because the human body can fend it off. 

Given that HPV is associated with many types of cancers, circulating common HPV myths can put women (and men) at greater risk. Dr. Doni covers the basic facts about HPV to debunk these myths.

You may hear that we can’t protect ourselves from it or get rid of it – but that is a myth leading to a lot of confusion and distress. I made a video about the myths associated with HPV, you can find it here

I’m upset women are left thinking there’s nothing they can do because I see there is so much that can be done – not just what is shown in research but what I find in a proven protocol I developed.

6 Key Pillars of My Proven HPV Treatment Protocol

Let me breakdown the basics of HPV treatment and 6 aspects of my protocol that I use to actually help treat the virus. 

1. Self-Care and Prioritization

With chronic/persistent HPV that’s not going away after a year or two, what I find is women have trouble prioritizing themselves and self-care. Most women take care of others – children, parents, pets – they’re caretakers. They’re not taking care of themselves because they have been taught that’s “selfish.” 

Because of cultural/religious norms, women have a hard time prioritizing themselves. With HPV, learning self-care and prioritization is key – even in small ways like eating healthy food, drinking water, exercise, and meditation. Often women race through the day without this.

If we don’t prioritize ourselves, we get depleted – in nutrients, sleep, and immune function. High stress leads to burnout – making us susceptible to HPV. 

Teaching self-care/prioritization in my patients/program participants makes a huge difference in their ability to protect themselves from the HPV virus.

2. Nutrients

With any health issue, it’s important to look for nutrient deficiencies. With recurrent abnormal cells, we absolutely must identify deficient nutrients. However, it’s not going to be the same for every person. It needs to be individualized. 

Often practitioners haven’t looked for nutrient deficiencies – not even iron and vitamin D, which are the most common deficiencies. These nutrients are easily tested in blood work, and covered by insurance. And deficiencies in iron and vitamin D cause women to be more susceptible to HPV. 

There are many more examples. In some cases, practitioners are unfortunately not aware of the correct tests to order, and some nutrients are better measured by specialty panels, and out of pocket. 

Another factor related to nutrients is that we need to go beyond minimal nutrient needs. We can and need to use clinical doses of nutrients which provide benefit without risk when guided by properly trained practitioners.

Vitamin C, for example, at clinical doses, is known to support immune function, which is very effective against HPV. Don’t try this alone, however!  Work with someone knowledgeable and able to guide you to take quality, efficient products at proper doses.

As a naturopathic doctor and clinical nutritionist, I know how to use clinical nutrition for HPV treatment and prevention. To learn more, watch my video on the 3 most common nutrient deficiencies here.

3. Supporting Immunity

Under too much stress with inadequate self-care/nutrients, immune function goes down. That allows HPV to persist. Plus, often other infections occur as well – bladder, vaginal yeast, sinus. etc. A pattern develops due to a depleted immune system. 

Natural approaches, well established in research, support immunity. That includes nutrients, antiviral and immune boosting herbs, mushrooms, homeopathy, and peptides. 

It can be overwhelming so prioritization is key. High quality, proper doses are critical to see results, not just guessing. I guide women to the correct products and doses to quickly address HPV.

4. Address the Vagina-Gut Connection

Research shows us that the gut and vagina are completely interrelated. Known as the cervico-vaginal-gut environment, what influences gut health, also affect vaginal health, and vice versa. 

This includes the microbiome – the healthy bacteria living in the gut and vagina. It also includes inflammation. Inflammation in the gut correlates with vaginal inflammation and vulnerable cells. One of the best ways to drop inflammation is with diet changes. 

We must address this whole connection by healing the gut, supporting absorption of nutrients, decreasing inflammation, and optimizing the microbiome. We need to do the same vaginally – to support the healthy bacteria that are able to protect us from HPV.

5. Balance All Hormones and Neurotransmitters

I often find multiple hormone imbalances when HPV is positive. For example, there may be high blood sugar levels with low insulin insulin function, estrogen and progesterone variations from menopause or other causes, as well as sub-optimal thyroid and adrenal function. 

All hormones communicate with each other, and with the immune system. When one is out of balance, it throws the others out of balance.

When we are under stress, the stress hormone cortisol disrupts gut health, the immune system, hormones, and neurotransmitters – including serotonin, GABA, dopamine, adrenaline. 

Women who test positive for HPV may experience even higher levels of stress and anxiety, adding to the stress that made them susceptible to the virus in the first place. 

The virus can’t survive when our hormones and neurotransmitters are optimized. In my protocol, I help women to balance their blood sugar, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid and neurotransmitters. Women not only feel better but are protected from HPV.

6. Recover From Stress, Shame and Abuse

Research shows women with a history of abuse – emotional, physical, sexual – are at greater risk of testing positive for HPV and at increased risk of HPV-related cancer.  

Stress and trauma leaves us susceptible to HPV due to the cascade effect of stress hormones on gut health, leading to leaky gut, imbalanced gut biome, which leads to a disrupted vaginal biome, as well as imbalanced hormones, neurotransmitters, and an ineffective immune system. 

HPV survives because our system is depleted and we are burned out. 

My philosophy is that it’s so important to help women recover from the trauma they’ve been through. This is absolutely possible with therapy, meditation, guided imagery, and vagus nerve retraining – as well as re-balancing hormones, neurotransmitters, and the other effects of stress. 

Summary of a Successful HPV Treatment Protocol to End HPV and Reduce HPV-related Cancer

We need a comprehensive HPV treatment protocol – not just one diet change or mushroom extract. We must fully address imbalances that are leaving you susceptible and transform your health physically, emotionally, and energetically. In doing so, you’re no longer susceptible and your defenses are prepared to protect you if re-exposed.

I’m creating a training for practitioners to teach them how to use this protocol so we can reduce HPV-related cancers worldwide. 

I hope this has been helpful. Please reach out with questions or if you’d like help addressing HPV personally or for loved ones. 

If you are ready to get rid of HPV now, you can sign up for my Say Goodbye to HPV Program. In the program I guide you step by step to implement my protocol, with support, and expert guidance. The Say Goodbye to HPV Program is online and available everywhere. 

Say Goodbye to HPV: Heal your cervix and clear HPV with this 12-week guided program from Dr. Doni Wilson.

For the most comprehensive support, even with the most difficult health issues (physical or mental), you can meet with me one-on-one, which is available to you no matter where you are in the world (via phone or zoom). You can set up a one-on-one appointment here.

If you want to learn more about how stress and trauma affect us, and how to heal using my Stress Recovery Protocol® which involves optimizing cortisol and adrenaline levels using nutrients, herbs and C.A.R.E.™, my proprietary program to support clean eating, adequate sleep, stress recovery and exercise, you can read all about it in my book Master Your Stress Reset Your Health.

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We’re here to help you!

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