Autoimmune Diseases: What triggers autoimmunity and what are the natural treatment options?

How to Treat Autoimmunity Naturally

How is autoimmunity related to gut health and why does it matter? Let’s take a look at this important connection and the natural treatment options for reversing autoimmunity.

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Treating Colitis Naturally

What Is Colitis and How Is It Treated?

Colitis can be brought on by a variety of triggers – and often, there is more than one factor involved. Dr. Doni goes over the basics of colitis, including the symptoms, root causes, how to test for it, and natural treatment options for reducing harmful inflammation.

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Daily Foundational Supplement Support For the Healthiest YOU!

Keeping up with daily multi-vitamins & supplements can be difficult. Get your 1-month supply of Daily Foundational Support to make staying healthy a breeze. I have some really exciting news, friends. For years now I’ve had patients, family members, friends—heck, even brand new people I meet—ask me two things over and over again: First, WHICH…

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Not all bacteria is bad for you—and your gut needs it to help you feel your best.

Gut Bacteria: The Good, The Bad and Keeping It Balanced

Did you know that not all bacteria is bad for you? Each day, the food we digest feeds the microorganisms inside our intestines—for better or for worse. The big question is: Are you feeding the bacteria to promote a healthy or unhealthy gut?

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Leaky gut can be a dangerous condition, increasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis, and cancer.

Tired? Bloated? Anxious? Leaky Gut Could Be the Culprit

Leaky gut is a condition that has over 200 possible symptoms, many of which present themselves simultaneously. This makes it incredibly difficult to pinpoint precisely. That’s why even though 7 out of 10 people in the U.S. suffer from leaky gut, most people who have it have no idea that leaky gut is the cause of their pain.

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what are digestive enzymes, digestion, inflammation, neurotransmitters, autoimmunity

8 Surprising Reasons to Take Digestive Enzymes

Good gut health is important, even if you don’t have digestive symptoms. Digestive enzymes can often provide necessary support to help your body stay in balance, and can help you heal and recover from eight common health issues.

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digestive issues, intestinal permeability, food sensitivity testing, dysbiosis, endotoxin, methylation problems

Leaky Gut, MTHFR, and How to Fix It

There’s no escape from leaky gut – it will affect each of us in some degree at some point in our lives. People with an MTHFR mutation or methylation issues are more likely to experience leaky gut in its more severe form. Here’s an overview of how methylation and leaky gut are connected, and how to give your body what it needs to address it.

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Back to School Tips for Healthy Kids AND Healthy Parents!

Back-to-school time can be a rough transition. But with Dr. Doni’s Stress Remedy “C.A.R.E. Activities,” there are a few simple steps you can take to create a completely different outcome – so that you are feeling rested and ready to go!

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gluten sensitivity, genetic predisposition, digestion, zonulin, reduce inflammation

Migraines, Moodiness and Memory: Gluten and the Nervous System

How does gluten sensitivity affect the brain? Dr. Doni explores the connection between gluten, leaky gut, and the nervous system – including the kinds of neurological symptoms that have been connected to gluten sensitivity, why they get triggered by gluten, and what you can do to recover.

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Gluten proteins become peptides, and the immune system creates antibodies to protect the body from these peptides. This can generate inflammation throughout the microbiome.

Why Are So Many People Going Gluten-Free?

Is “going gluten-free” good for you, or is it simply some trendy, 21st century diet fad? Dr. Doni covers all the basics, including why some people have trouble with gluten, the symptoms of gluten sensitivity, and how to know for sure whether or not gluten is actually the problem.

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acute inflammation, anti-inflammatory diet, inflammation definition, inflammation causing foods, chronic health issues

What Is Inflammation: Symptoms, Recovery, and Relief

Inflammation can occur anywhere in the body – including our internal organs. And when it becomes chronic inflammation, it can cause dozens of health issues. A simple test can tell you whether you have inflammation in the body, and Dr. Doni offers some remedies to help reduce inflammation.

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What Is Histamine, Histamine Intolerance, allergies, antibody, leaky gut, probiotics, prebiotics

Heartburn, Skin Rashes, Anxiety. Is It Histamine Intolerance?

Histamine intolerance can be the underlying cause of many chronic symptoms, including heartburn, digestive problems, skins rashes, anxiety, and recurring headaches. Let’s look at the foods that can trigger a histamine response, how to test for it, and the things you can do to mitigate it.

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