Detox Without Making Yourself Worse with Dr. Doni (Episode 56)

Do you want to know how to detox naturally? In this episode of How Humans Heal, Dr. Doni shares all about detoxing and what you need to know in order to do it right!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What is detoxification 
  • Why is detoxification needed 
  • How do our bodies naturally detoxify 
  • Why some detoxes leave you feeling worse or cause more stress 
  • How to prepare for a detox and really support yourself to detoxify everyday 
  • Why it’s better to ease into a cleanse or detox and what is involved 
  • What does leaky gut have to do with detoxification 
  • How the Stress Remedy Program serves as a stress-free detoxification

And more!

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