Gut-Emotion Connection with Dr. Peter Kozlowski (Episode 74)

Perhaps you’ve heard of the gut-brain axis – the essential and often disregarded connection and communication between our nervous system and our digestion.   

Well, in the case of this interview with Dr. Peter Kozlowski, functional M.D. and author of Unfunc Your Gut, we discuss the gut-brain axis and even more deeply, we talk about how emotional trauma affects gut health. 

Dr. Peter shares his personal story with emotional stress and how healing from alcoholism allowed him to be more open and loving to himself, and open to other medical approaches. That is how he came to complete training as a functional practitioner, during his medical residency, which was a rare opportunity that changed the trajectory of his career.  

Subsequently, he learned from experts in the functional medicine field, including why it is so important to heal the gut.  

In this episode we talk about:  

  • The gut-brain connection 
  • The vagal nerve 
  • Common symptoms that show your gut-brain axis needs attention 
  • What is leaky gut and how to heal it 
  • Is a food elimination diet worth doing 
  • When a food sensitivity test is indicated, and which to choose 
  • Understanding the gut microbiome and how to address it 

We also covered started tips to help you get your digestion back on track. Amazingly, the simplest things can make a big difference when it comes to digesting better and absorbing important nutrients. 

In addition to Dr. Peter’s insightful explanations, you’ll also hear about my experience as a naturopathic doctor helping patients with digestion distress, leaky gut, food sensitivities and stress-related health concerns over the past 21 years.  

If you’ve struggled with heartburn, nausea, bloating, and/or abdominal pain, you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode. And if you have a feeling that stress, whether recent or from your past, could be negatively affecting your digestion, this episode is going to give you so many answers.  

Listen in and feel free to share this episode with others who may be struggling with digestive issues.  

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