Reset Your Immune System with Dr. Doni (Episode 75)

This episode was recorded from one of Dr. Doni’s 5-Day Stress Recovery Workshops. She wanted you to get a sense of what she covers in the workshop while also learning how to think about your immune system differently than you may have thought about it before.  

Instead of working as a linear system with either more or less function, the immune system is much more complex, involving numerous mediators and activities.  

To truly shift or really reset your immune system, and improve your ability to fend off infections while also decreasing inflammation, allergies and autoimmunity, we need to stand back and address the immune system from a perspective of stress recovery.

Here’s why: Stress, of various forms, turns on genes that cause our genetic tendencies to increase. Stress also decreases our ability to fend off infections, and increases the likelihood of allergies and autoimmunity.  

While, yes, we can make diet changes to improve immunity, and take nutrients and herbs to support immune function, if we don’t get to the root cause of the issues, we’ll need to put in a constant effort and may never see enough change. 

In this episode, Dr. Doni talks about:

  • Diet changes that can reset your immune system 
  • How blood sugar imbalances relate to low immunity 
  • What does healing your digestion have to do with fending off infections 
  • Why big changes lead to small results, and small changes lead to big results 
  • How you can reset your gene expression and turn off autoimmunity 
  • What to take to fend off viruses, even chronic viruses like EBV and HPV 

If you’ve been stressed about preventing infections and wanting to feel protected from viruses, bacteria, etc, then you’ll want to listen to this episode.  

Dr. Doni helps you to see that by shifting your perspective about how you think about your immune system, you can become empowered and confident about fending off infections.  

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