Start By Healing Your Gut with Dr. Destia Skinner (Episode 76)

Whether you are struggling with hormone imbalances (PMS, PCOS, menstrual cramps, fertility issues, low thyroid function), infections (EBV, HPV, recurrent UTIs, vaginitis, etc), autoimmunity, anxiety, migraines, or joint pain…and even if you don’t have any digestive symptoms…it’s important to start by healing your gut. 

Why? Because your digestion is where you digest your food and absorb nutrients from your food. Those nutrients then go on to help make hormones, neurotransmitters, and to support immune function.  

Your digestion is also where your gut bacteria – which outnumber the human cells in your body – do important things like make nutrients and neurotransmitters, detoxify hormones, and support healthy immune function.  

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Destia Skinner [IG @drskinnersonline], Naturopathic Doctor and my classmate at Bastyr University in the 90’s, about: 

  • How to know if your gut needs attention 
  • Where to begin with supporting digestion 
  • Simple things you can do right now to help your gut 
  • What causes leaky gut 
  • How leaky gut can cause symptoms anywhere in the body (or brain) 
  • What is the microbiome 
  • How does it get thrown off track 
  • How to feed, and not over-feed, your gut bacteria 

We even had a chance to talk about fecal transplants and helminthic therapy as researched methods for re-establishing a health gut biome and digestion.  

It can be confusing and overwhelming to attempt to heal your gut on your own. There is so much contradictory information on the internet and varying approaches from different practitioner, that it can seem like you are spinning your wheels. 

Dr. Destia and I are here to help you solve your digestive distress, whether you knew it was an issue or not, including with the new online course she created with her husband (and also my classmate in ND school), Dr. Bryan Skinner. Find it as  

For more guidance from me, check out my blog posts related to gut health, my digestive support product line, and my Stress Remedy 21-day Program to start healing leaky gut.

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