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How Mindfulness and Meditation Decrease Stress

People who meditate regularly see better sleep, decreased anxiety, and improved mood and focus. Here’s an overview of mindfulness and meditation to get you started in building your resilience to stress.

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How Animals Help Us Manage Stress

Stress is often the underlying cause for a lot of chronic health issues. Pet therapy can help with stress – here’s an overview of the proven health benefits of animal-assisted therapy, or even just simply having a pet in the home.

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Gut-Brain Axis: Why Optimal Health Starts With Digestion

The bacteria that live in our gut have a huge impact on our overall health. So, when it comes to identifying the root cause of any illness, we have to start by looking at the health of your microbiome. Let’s take a closer look at the gut-brain axis, and how to get your gut bacteria functioning optimally.

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How to Deal with Stress – without Stressing Yourself Out

There are three common reasons that people put off addressing the stress in their lives. Here’s how to overcome these challenges and start making small changes that, over time, will have a big positive impact on your health.

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How to Increase Your Stress Radar

If you can identify what is stressful to you, then you can seek activities and environments that help you decrease your stress. Here’s how to take the first step in honing your “stress radar” – the ability to notice and anticipate stress.

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Viewing Your Health from the Perspective of Stress

Anything that challenges our bodies or requires a response or adaptation from our bodies is considered a stress. And stress affects each of us in highly individualized ways. We can’t avoid stress, but we can take control by identifying stress and finding opportunities to reduce it.

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Can Self-Acceptance Actually Influence Our Physical Health?

Does how we feel about ourselves affect our physical health? In the 15th and final segment of Dr. Doni’s Series on Oxidative Stress, she reviews new research on how self-acceptance can influence oxidative stress levels in our bodies.

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Fibromyalgia Summit: Healing from Within

The Fibromyalgia Summit is an online event full of resources and interviews to assist you in regaining health from the many symptoms of fibromyalgia. My interview on stress and fibromyalgia is on Friday May 13—hope you can join me!

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Are Your Mitochondria Overwhelmed by Oxidative Stress?

Mitochondria are the little “power packs” that produce energy in our bodies. The trouble is, they also produce oxidative stress. In Part 14 of Dr. Doni’s Series on Oxidative Stress, she looks at how you can give your mitochondria the support they need to function properly.

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SOS! Stress, Oxidative Stress, and Sleep

Dr Doni explains the relationship between stress, oxidative stress, and sleep, and offers three tips for staying on top of all three. Part 13 of Dr. Doni’s Series on Oxidative Stress “Stress is essential to life.” That is what I wrote in my first book, The Stress Remedy. So, as much as it is about…

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Aging – How to Slow It Down

Everyone wants to feel younger. The anti-aging “prescription” comes down four factors: Get more sleep, eat foods rich in antioxidants, move every chance you get, and optimize your stress levels. Give your body what it needs and you’ll feel better—and slow the aging process!

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