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Being The Authentic You ... a book to support you

An example day of eating

Each gram of protein equals 4 calories. So 51 times 4 is 204 calories. Carbohydrates also have 4 calories per gram, whereas fat has 9 calories per gram. In a 1200 calorie diet, 200 calories from protein would only be 20%. So in order to avoid having carbohydrates take over a large portion of the…

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Oranges in Heart Bowl

Love yourself, Love your body, and Eat!

A letter in support of supporting you, each and every day! We know from research that nurturing oneself and experiencing love with another reduces stress and prevents health issues. We also know from research that balancing blood sugar levels by feedings ourselves every 2 to 4 hours throughout the day reduces symptoms (fatigue, anxiety, headaches,…

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Hong Kong 2

What’s Dr. Doni Eating… in Hong Kong?

While traveling in Hong Kong, one of my favorite meals was at Choice Cooperative, a gluten-free restaurant devoted to serving the healthiest ingredients. There I had a beet, carrot, and dragonfruit salad with organic green tea. It was fun to share The Stress Remedy book with the owner, who is already following my recommendations. Another…

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