5 Common Health Myths That May Stop Your Progress

Fact & Myth

Did you resolve to improve your health in 2014?

Are you feeling tired, achy, and not yourself ever since the holidays?

What I find is that for many people, myths about what will help you be healthier actually stop you from achieving your health goals.

I want to help you be successful, so in this article I’m going to point out the five most common myths that inhibit progress, and then I’m offering a free webcast this week so we can go into even more detail.

We can actually use science to end sugar cravings, drop inflammation, eliminate extra weight, improve your energy, mood and focus, while preventing health issues of all types.

I find that the more you understand about what your body needs, the more likely you will be successful at achieving optimal health. To do that, you need to know what is true, and what is not true.

Myth #1 Avoid fat to lose weight

Myth #2 Cholesterol comes from fat in your diet

Myth #3 Skip meals to lose weight

Myth #4 It’s too difficult to avoid gluten

Myth #5 Food and digestion has nothing to do with energy, mood and focus

Now you just need to know what TO DO to feel your best – and I want you to have that information.

I was interviewed by Sandra Martini on a webcast, where I share my experience after almost 15 years in practice, about how to turn around your health by applying science.

Learn the truth about how to recover from the holidays and get your New Year’s resolution started.

Until soon,

Dr. Doni

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