Solving the Mystery of Leaky Gut (Episode 120)

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Solving the Mystery of Leaky Gut (Episode 120)

The definition of leaky gut is that we react to foods that we eat often. What does this mean? If you react to the foods you eat, you have leaky gut.
Leaky gut is a reaction to the foods you eat, and it is caused by stress. Yet it may not express itself with digestive symptoms. So the question is not whether or you have leaky gut. It’s to what degree?

I’ve been talking about leaky gut since about 2002. At the time, I was experiencing severe migraines, and my daughter (whom I was breastfeeding) had severe colic. That’s when I figured out that I had leaky gut, and I had to find a way to help us both.

I tried every kind of food panel and diet change, and experienced minimal benefits, until I found a lab that ran a highly accurate IgA and IgG panel and saw that I was reacting to many of the foods I ate.

One of the most common misconceptions is that there is something wrong with the food panel, but that is far from the truth.

The truth – which I found after reading hundreds of research articles, helping thousands of patients, and trying many versions of my treatment regimen – is that the definition of leaky gut is that we react to foods that we eat often.

That means – if you react to the foods you eat, you have leaky gut.

The next clarification is that you don’t have to have digestive symptoms to have leaky gut.

And leaky gut is caused by stress – which we all have!

So the question is not WHETHER you have leaky gut. It’s to what degree?

I’m happy to see a lot more people talking about leaky gut lately. It’s finally gaining more acceptance as a concept – which is great. But new patients still come to me with a lot of misconceptions. So if you’ve been wondering whether leaky gut is underlying your chronic health issue, then this episode should be able help.  

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