Clean Eating with Allison Schaaf (Episode 119)

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Clean Eating with Allison Schaaf (Episode 119)

Clean eating doesn't have to be stressful. Dietitian and chef Allison Schaaf gives you the confidence to choose and cook healthy food for your family. 
Dr. Doni interviews Allison Schaaf, a dietitian and chef, about PrepDish, a meal plan program that Allison developed to help people transition to eating gluten free, dairy free, and clean eating in general.  

I had the chance to interview my friend, Allison Schaaf [@prepdish], dietitian, chef and founder of PrepDish. PrepDish plans healthy gluten-free meals and provides the recipes and instructions to prepare the meals.  

PrepDish started when Allison herself was learning to eat gluten-free herself. Now PrepDish offers gluten-free, paleo, low carb, and fast prep meal plans for families. All you do is sign up for the program, and each week PrepDish will send you your meal plan and grocery list for the week.  

This is SUCH a brilliant solution for people who are transitioning to eating gluten free, dairy free, and clean eating in general.  

Instead of focusing on what you can’t have, PrepDish allows you to focus on the delicious meals. In fact, people even forget that the food is gluten free (and dairy free if needed).  

Allison’s goal is to make food something to enjoy and not something else to stress about. PrepDish also teaches you how to cook and gives you the confidence to cook healthy food. 

By using fresh ingredients, herbs and making sauces, people don’t miss the sugar or other unwanted ingredients.  

Often by eating in this way, people experience weight loss, as well as balanced blood sugar, decreased inflammation, and improved fertility. 

Many people report that using help PrepDish also helped them to eat together as a family in a calm way. 

She is offering listeners of this episode a free 2-week trial with PrepDish. You can sign up at

Allison is also a mom and experienced the struggles of fertility and five miscarriages. That difficult experience inspired her to create Miscarriage Hope Desk, which is a much-needed resource, website, and Facebook group to support women. 

A woman driven to help those who are struggling with the same experiences she has been through, Allison is a real inspiration. To receive an amazing resource to prevent miscarriages, go to

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