Stress Reset with Dr. Doni (Episode 90)


Feeling like you’re in need of a reset from stress?

Stress is all around us. It’s not possible to eliminate stress, but what we can do is support ourselves to recover from stress along the way.

In this episode I talk about:

  • How stress affects our digestion, hormones, immune system and mood
  • Addressing stress allows us to get at the underlying cause of 95% of health issues
  • What is hormesis and how you can use it to benefit your health
  • My CARE approach to supporting you to reset from stress

Join me in my 7-day Stress Reset where I guide you to use hormesis and CARE to reset from stress.

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Also, you can now pre-order my new book, Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health: The Personalized Program to Calm Anxiety, Boost Energy, and Beat Burnout, which is due in May of this year! It’s focused on finding and treating your unique stress type, which is based on your adrenaline and cortisol levels throughout the day.

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