Best Supplements for Immunity with Dr. Doni (Episode 89)

When it comes to our immune system, there is so much we can do to help our body’s out.  

First, we need to think about how stresses negatively affect immune function and learn what we can do to help our bodies recover from stress.  

Next, we can use nutrients, herbs, homeopathy, and peptides to support our immune system to work better.  

We can also use supplements that are anti-microbial, antioxidants, and anti-histamines to help fend off infections and support recovery.  

Whether dealing with a long-term virus – such as EBV, HPV or HSV – or a short-term infection, such as a cold, flu, bladder infection, or anywhere else in or on your body, when it comes to naturopathic medicine, there is so much we can do to help your body heal itself.  

Listen in to this podcast where I review:  

  • My favorite ways to support health and immunity 
  • How to think about the use of supplements 
  • My go-to supplements
  • How to find high quality supplements
  • Why it is important to work with a naturopathic doctor (or expert practitioner who can guide you) to individualize your protocol to be effective for you.  

Find the supplements I mention and approve here.

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