Metabolic Flexibility with Dr. Bonnie Nedrow (Episode 91)

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Metabolic Flexibility with Dr. Bonnie Nedrow (Episode 91)

Dr. Bonnie Nedrow talks about metabolic flexibility and how to improve our ability to keto-adapt and help our bodies burn fat.
Dr. Doni talks with Dr. Bonnie Nedrow about metabolic flexibility and how to improve our ability to keto-adapt and burn fat and why it's important to address adrenal function when keto-adapting. 

Women often struggle with weight gain and difficulty with blood sugar levels, especially during perimenopause. When Dr. Bonnie Nedrow [@drbonnienedrow] experienced this herself, she thought, “there has got to be a better way.” 

And that is when she decided to keto-adapt. Now she has freedom from blood sugar dips. 

She put her knowledge and protocol for helping people learn how to improve their ability to keto-adapt and burn fat into her new book, Metabolic Flexibility, which is available on Amazon (also as an ebook). 

Dr. Nedrow describes herself as a “farm girl.” She has been practicing as a naturopathic doctor for 21 years and loves helping people to be their best selves by feeling better.  

She was motivated to understand detoxification based on her own health issues. Subsequently she has guided patients to cleanse over the years and wrote a cookbook to help them with cooking healthy foods. Now she integrates detoxification with following a ketogenic diet to ensure safe elimination of toxins stored in fat. 

In this episode, we talk about how: 

  • We don’t realize how out of balance our system is because it seems “normal” 
  • There is no perfect diet for every person for every stage of their life 
  • We need to do “intelligent experimentation” on ourselves to find our best diet 
  • 20% of people don’t do well with grains and need other sources of protein 
  • We can become stuck in carbohydrate dependence, and that’s not best for our bodies 
  • We should have less food sometimes 
  • When we eat carbohydrates all day, we never burn fat, and instead we store fat 
  • Breast milk is high in ketones 
  • How best to test for ketones and monitor levels 
  • Why it’s important to address adrenal function when keto-adapting 

The magic of a ketogenic diet is a tool to retrain the body to burn fat. Keto-adapting is different from simply following a ketogenic diet. Instead, we are training the body to make ketones and burn them as fuel.  

Our bodies are designed to use abundant stores of fat. That is metabolic flexibility – the ability to burn carbohydrates or fat, and to be able to switch back and forth based on what you eat and how you live. It’s about being able to have your cake and eat it too! 

If you’ve been wondering how to get the most out of a ketogenic diet, without having to be so extreme with it, but still getting the benefits, then definitely listen in to this episode. 

Be sure to check out Dr. Nedrow’s book: Metabolic Flexibility, How to Heal Your Metabolism with a Ketogenic Diet.

And you can find out about her programs at  

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