Surgery Recovery with Dr. Doni (Episode 71)

When it comes to needing to have a medical procedure or surgery, there are absolutely ways to support yourself through it so that you can recover quickly.  

I’ve been guiding patients to just that for over 2 decades, and I recently had an opportunity to use my surgery protocol myself. I had surgery on the front part of my neck/chest a few days ago and am sharing about the process with you in this podcast.   

In this episode, I talk about:

  • What it is like to have an unknown condition and go through the process of finding a surgeon
  • Preparing – mentally, physically, and spiritually – for surgery
  • Supplements I took to prepare and to help my body heal
  • Asking for support and help
  • Being open to how your recovery process looks

There can be a lot of unknowns, when it comes to facing a medical procedure, and usually unknowns are what can trigger fear and stress. Add to that the physical stress of a medical procedure, and the whole thing can push you “over the top,” so to speak. 

Knowing all this, my goal for preparing for surgery was to create as much known and support as I could, and then “go with” whatever unknown occurred.   

Now that I’m on the other side of it, I’m so grateful to my medical providers and my friends and family, who really showed up in support of me. I’m also beyond happy that I had the surgery and am now able to truly support my body to heal and prevent this from happening again. 

Please listen in to this podcast if you are preparing for a medical procedure, or if you’ve worried about needing to have a procedure at some point in the future.  

And reach out to me and my office at [email protected] if you’d like to meet with me so that I can set up a surgery protocol for you and guide you through YOUR recovery process.  

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