Understanding the Vagal Nerve with Melanie Weller (Episode 72)

Physical therapist and medical visionary, Melanie Weller, shares how she started “thinking outside of the box” for her patients with rare conditions. By looking at the whole body, instead of just where the pain is located, she realized that often it’s by understanding what is happening in the body/mind/spirit that we find the deepest healing. 

The interconnectedness is not random. There are 11 million bits of information occurring between our brain and the rest of our body every second. This happens via the vagal nerve. If the vagal nerve is compressed, it’s like a traffic jam in the signaling.  

We talked about:  

  • Understanding the vagal nerve 
  • Decompressing the vagal nerve 
  • How we embody stress on the horizontal plane 
  • The more restricted we are physically, the more affected we are emotionally 
  • What our stories about our bodies tell us about ourselves 
  • Symmetries in nature and in our bodies 

The vagus nerve gives us access to our own consciousness. Our mind and body are fully interconnected, and to the extent that we separate them, we are separate from ourselves. 

It is often through the way we speak about ourselves or tell the story of ourselves that we can identify the source of illness and rebalance our vagal nerve. 

This interview just makes me more excited to continue researching and helping patients to understand how stress affects us and how to become resilient to stress. Supporting vagal nerve function is an essential part of the stress recovery process.  

If you’ve been struggling with your health and wanting to think about it from a whole different perspective, be sure to listen in to this episode.

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