The hardest part of getting to healthy: Road Map to Wellness

Sometimes the hardest part of getting to “feeling good” is keeping with it.

What is hard…

  • There is the out of pocket expense
  • Being tempted by foods that throw your system off track
  • Keeping up with shopping for food, sleep and exercise considering all of life’s demands
  • Figuring out where to begin and finding a practitioner/partner to help you

But I find, beyond those things, what seems to challenge patients most is knowing where they are in the process of getting to “feeling good,” or your optimum health.

That’s why I’m writing a book…

So that you will have the understanding of how your body works (and how it gets off track), awareness of what is happening in your body, and steps to help you along the path of supporting your body.

This way you’ll have a road map, so to speak…that shows you where you are, how you got there and where you are going!

Yesterday a patient who has diabetes told me about how much better she is feeling…

“If it hadn’t been for you, I would still be floundering the way I was.  You helped me turn my health around.  Last week at my appointment, my endocrinologist said ‘whatever you are doing, keep going, don’t stop, because your lab results look so much better.  I didn’t know it was possible!’  … I’m so happy that it is possible – thanks to you!”

And I know that each of you can achieve progress toward feeling better and preventing health issues.

So if you feel like you’re staggering, drifting…or ready to go to the next level when it comes to improving your health…

Here are a few possible ways to help while I’m writing the book (creating the map):

1. Reboot: Perhaps a 1-3 week Stress Remedy Program will help you get back on track or take the next steps.

2. Reset: Meet with me for an initial Breakthrough Session to make a plan to reset your health.

3. Revisit: Is it time for a 3 or 6 month check in by phone?

4. Realign: Let’s schedule 4 fifteen minute phone sessions (to be used over time as you need them) so I can help you along the way. 

There is no “right” way or “final” step when it comes to attaining wellness.  I find that it is a process individual to each person, and constantly shifting based on stress, time and priorities.

We can strategize and plan, then learn how your body responds and reassess.  That’s the key to wellness…continually connecting with your body, finding out what it needs (and doesn’t need) and finding a way to provide it.

I’m here for you…let me know what you need.

Dr. Doni

DONIELLE WILSON, ND is a natural health expert and Naturopathic Doctor with a private practice in New York City, 

Port Jefferson, NY, and Connecticut. She specializes in showing women, men and children how to achieve their wellness goals by finally getting the answers they’ve been looking for to their most perplexing health challenges. 

To learn more about Dr. Doni and her unique approach to achieving health naturally, please visit Dr. Doni today.  



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