Empowering Patients with Chronic Health Issues – Naturally

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Empowering Patients with Chronic Health Issues – Naturally

After a long, drawn-out process of attaining a label (diagnosis), or not, for the cause of unrelenting, annoying and painful symptoms that affect daily life, and then being told that the only options for treatment involve high-power medications with a multitude of side effects, it is no surprise that patients with autoimmune and other chronic conditions are looking for other answers.

While it is difficult to keep hope alive when all sources point to methods that will, at most, keep symptoms at bay for as long as possible, science and clinical experience have shown that there are indeed answers that can stop autoimmunity, and other health conditions, in their tracks.

Naturopathic medicine is a system of healing that involves a scientific approach to the body and the clinical use of specific nutrients, dietary modifications and herbal therapies to give the body what it needs to heal. We are what we eat, after all!

There are four main areas of physiological investigation that need to take place in order to really understand the cause of the inflammation and immune system attack on one’s own tissue: 1. Blood Type; 2. IgG antibodies to food; 3. adrenal function; and 4. neurotransmitter levels.

Blood type is not just for blood transfusions. Research over 100 years has shown that certain disease process are more common in certain blood types. That is because the sugar molecule on cells that makes it a blood type also reacts to foods and other substances in the body causing inflammation and destructive processes. While this process seems invisible, from the outside, it is real and potentially dangerous. Best to eat according to your blood type in order to avoid this source of damage.

It is well known that being diagnosed with autoimmunity can take over 10 years, and involve numerous doctor visits, blood tests and other diagnostic procedures. That is often the case with Celiac disease, a severe allergy to gluten. What do Celiac and other conditions have in common? Inflammation, fatigue, depression and much more. While in some cases patients with chronic conditions may also have Celiac disease, much more common is that patients have IgG antibodies to gluten, which is just as toxic. Testing for IgG to gluten, and other common foods, is imperative to surviving autoimmunity.

While stress has become a way of life, from the perspective of the adrenal glands (just above the kidneys) stress is a real threat and requires a response, every time. When the brain responds to stress, whether lack of sleep, skipping meals, emotional trauma or physical illness, the adrenals are called upon to release cortisol, a hormone, and adrenaline. The result is a cacophony of metabolic, endocrine, immune system and neurological changes, which, especially over time, create a internal environment of inflammation, autoimmunity, fatigue, hormone imbalances, sleep disturbances and mood changes. The only way to find out how the adrenals are holding up to this ongoing borage is through a urine and saliva panel not often available through conventional medical care (yet).

Neurotransmitters, the messengers in the nervous system, have everything to do with mood, sleep and energy levels. Balancing neurotransmitters is like walking a tight rope. A bit too much stimulation or inhibition, and the result is a change in how the day turns out. A remarkable, often unknown fact, is that neurotransmitters can be easily measured in the urine, making it possible to clearly identify imbalances that can then be addressed with nutrients and herbs. The real breakthrough here is that instead of shooting in the dark, so to speak, with psychotropic medications, it is actually possible to identify the underlying neurologic imbalance and correct it with completely natural substances without long term side effects, consequences or withdrawal symptoms.

With these four pieces of information (blood type, IgG antibody levels to common foods, adrenal status, and neurotransmitter levels), it is possible to dig into the depths of the origin of disease for each individual. From there, specific steps can be taken to adjust the diet and introduce nutrients and herbs that offer the body the ingredients needed to create a whole new body, cell by cell.

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