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Dr. Doni Quoted in Natural Health Magazine

Article: Special Report: How to fight infection without antibiotics
By: Daniel Mazori
Issue: Dec/Jan 2010, Pg 52

Considering the overuse of antibiotics and the ability to fight infections using natural therapies (diet, nutrients, herbs and homeopathics) while under the care of a trained professional, this article gives a thorough review of what natural therapies to use for infections, and how to use antibiotics safely.

Dr. Doni’s Comments:
I find that, while sometimes it is necessary to turn to antibiotics and we would not want be without them as an option, it is also quite possible to fight off infections naturally. In fact, by allowing and supporting the immune system to do what it is built to do, we are actually preventing antibiotic resistance.

It can be scary at first, especially when antibiotics have been used frequently in the past, to go through an infection without reaching for antibiotics. It is most certainly important to start antibiotics if a fever remains above 100.4 and/or symptoms worsen and before a more severe infection ensues. Make sure to be in touch with your medical provider to ensure that appropriate care is given.

Meanwhile, whether on antibiotics or not, here are my five tips to give the body the best chance to fight off the infection itself.

1. Avoid sugar (sugar from sugar cane, corn syrup and sugar in juice especially), which suppresses the immune system, and food allergens (especially dairy and gluten), which add inflammation;

2. Get lots of rest (the immune system works while you sleep);

3. Take immune supportive nutrients and herbs.* My favorite products are EHB for adults and liquid Respiguard (Echinacea and Goldenseal) for children. ARA (larch arabinogalactans) is also at the top of my list for both prevention and healing of infections.

4. Stimulate the immune system (as is appropriate for your case) with a hot shower/bath and/or what I call “magic socks” and

5. Take homeopathic Triple Flu Defense.

Be sure to be in contact with your medical practitioner anytime anything is concerning to you or if the symptoms are not improving. This is not intended to be a way to avoid medical care. It is instead meant to be a way to make your medical care experience more effective.

Please let me know if I can assist you to make the most out of your immune system.

Warm regards,

–Dr. Doni

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*Please keep in mind that any and all supplements—nutrients, herbs, enzymes, or other—should be used with caution. My recommendation is that you seek the care of a naturopathic doctor (with a doctorate degree from a federally-accredited program) and that you have a primary care physician or practitioner whom you can contact to help you with individual dosing and protocols. If you ever experience negative symptoms after taking a product, stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor right away.

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