Quantum Healing from Stress and Trauma with Debora Wayne (Episode 142)

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Quantum Healing from Stress and Trauma with Debora Wayne (Episode 142)

Our bodies and minds work as one. If one is suffering the other will too. We are so focused on the physical aspect of things that we forget there is an invisible, spiritual and energetic realm that is constantly interacting with the physical realm.
Physical pain is often the result of our bodies manifesting trauma and stress residing our minds. Pain is not normal; health is our natural state. We can go back into alignment. It just takes being a little bit open minded and being willing to try something new.

What is Quantum Healing? And how can it help heal from the effects of stress and trauma? In this week’s episode, I had the chance to talk about healing pain, anxiety, depression, and trauma with Debora Wayne. We discussed:

  • Trauma and its effects
  • How trauma turns into physical pain
  • How it’s possible to heal even when you’ve been told it wasn’t possible
  • What is quantum physics and energetic healing
  • How Debora helped me with migraines

Debora is the founder of The International Chronic Pain Institute and author of Why Do I Still Hurt?. She is a world-renowned energy healer and pain-release specialist helping men and women worldwide to rapidly find and remove the hidden root causes of Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety, Trauma, Battles with Weight, Binge-Eating, BurnOut, and other chronic conditions. 

She is helping people transform their lives at a very deep level, reaching people who haven’t been helped even though they tried many different approaches but still ended up not feeling good.

Debora chose this path because she herself went through a tremendous amount of pain. Not only physical pain but very deep emotional pain also, going back and forth between anxiety and depression. She was very highly functional and good at hiding it, but she got to a point where she could not stand feeling that way one more day. 

So she acted upon that feeling and one day decided to call someone for help, just to talk about how she felt. Since that day she has not been the same anymore. She changed her life completely and decided to spend more time looking inside rather than focusing on the outside, she started meditating and spending a lot more time in nature and so she started feeling a lot better, and that’s when she decided to share her experience with other people who may be going through the same pain, reaching to them and helping them transform their lives and start feeling good.

So many of us are walking through life feeling lost, that we have lost our purpose and we’ve lost ourselves really because we get focused on these external things and we kind of lose track of who we are and what we really want to do with our lives. And a lot of times it feels so familiar that we just keep doing the same thing. But we have to realize, if we want our health to change and our lives to be different, we are going to have to change something.

Often times people do not recognize the deep connection between their choices and their health. We all tend to follow the formula we are taught when we are young: Go to school, go to college, work, get married, get the car, get the house, etc. And none of those things are wrong but we have to realize that our choices as we follow our paths have to align with our souls in order to feel good about ourselves and be happy.

If we do not have that alignment, even subconsciously, our bodies and minds will hurt. The body does not lie and the impact reflects in our health. Here is where Quantum Healing can help.

Some of the common symptoms of people that reach out to Debora are exhaustion, chronic fatigue, digestion issues, insomnia, thyroid issues, chronic physical pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and migraines. These are all external expressions of our bodies reflecting the pain that goes on in our minds. We need a deeper conversation with ourselves to be able to express who we really are and consequently act on what we believe. 

The common answer we get when we are in pain is “you have to accept it and just live with it.” And so we become resolved that we are just going to be in pain, emotional pain, physical pain, just not feeling good in general and we just carry through with our lives and probably get addicted to pain medications.

There really are solutions and ways to heal for good but people don’t know about this.

Quantum Healing: How to Start

There are 3 specific areas we have to explore in order to change and start healing:

  1. We have to look at the mental habits. The habitual thought habits in our daily lives. Most people walk through life with most predominantly negative thoughts that are fear based. And they never examine this and are never taught how to properly use their minds. So they spend most of the day sending negative signals as energy that comes back to them in exactly what they don’t want. So we have to find and release the damaging destructive thought patterns to correct this.
  2. The emotions. Every emotion emits a frequency, and these frequencies are measurable and they are powerful. They affect physically our bodies. There is a mind-body emotion energy complex. Everyone is making every choice from an emotion. So we have to find and release the damaging emotions, and we have to become aware of what our emotions are and where we put them in the body when we don’t want to feel them, because if we do this long enough they come always come out as a symptom.
  3. Our energy field. This is the field of information that surrounds the body. Every living thing has a bio field. It has everything that has ever happened to you imprinted on it. We have to find the problems in the energy field, release them and speed up the healing process.

We are so focused on the physical aspect of things that we forget there is an invisible, spiritual and energetic realm that is constantly interacting with the physical realm. There’s a disconnection here that we can’t overlook if we really want to understand how to begin to feel better. 

Taking Action: Resolving Trauma

People often wait too long to take action and realize they can make changes to break patterns that have been with them their whole lives by analyzing what is going on in their spiritual and energetic reality.

We experience different things in our lives, different trauma, that mark us and if not resolved will eventually find a way out as physical pain in our bodies. There can be so much emotional anxiety and fears and people do not know why they feel this, but it often goes back to things that happened early in childhood.

Trauma can also occur from abuse (physical, mental or sexual abuse), violence, neglect, and narcissism. All of these things go underground because we are wired to stay alive, so we even compromise a part of ourselves to just stay alive. But then people wake up decades later and are not happy and they look around and wonder why other people are not suffering: what’s wrong with me? And they start to feel cursed or like they’re defective and ashamed and they don’t want to talk about it. This all needs to come out in the open with someone we feel safe with because it is all changeable and it is creating terrible health hazards. 

And there is so much more! We ourselves limit what we think is possible for us. There tends to be a voice in the back of our heads that says: “it’s not supposed to feel like this.” That’s the voice that drives us to keep searching and seeking other solutions. We have to listen to that voice because it’s telling you not to settle for a limited, painful life.

Pain is not normal; health is our natural state. We can go back into alignment. It just takes being a little bit open minded and being willing to try something new.

If you want to get Debora’s book and video, and learn how she can help you, please check out the International Chronic Pain Institute website or her Instagram @deborawayne1.

If you want to learn more about the science behind trauma and how to recover, be sure to read my blog post on this topic and for even more detail, read or listen to my book Master Your Stress Reset Your Health.

In the book, I share the quiz I developed to help you identify how stress has affected you specifically by knowing your Stress Type. You can also take the Stress Type Quiz online.


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