Get Your Cortisol to Optimal with Dr. Doni (Episode 112)

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Get Your Cortisol to Optimal with Dr. Doni (Episode 112)

Optimal cortisol levels can help increase your longevity and quality of life.
Dr. Doni talks about how to measure your cortisol and adrenaline levels, how to use nutrients and herbs to optimize those levels, and how to reset your health trajectory by doing so.

Is it really that important to have optimal cortisol?  

Even if your blood work says your cortisol is in the “normal” range?  

And even though you don’t have Addison’s disease or Cushing Syndrome?  

Yes! I would say a resounding yes based on all the research I’ve read and thousands of patients I’ve helped.  

Having optimal cortisol, as well as adrenaline, levels means…  

  • You’re sending healthy signals throughout your body, instead of stress signals 
  • You’re decreasing your risk of (over) 90% of health issues 
  • You’re reversing digestive, immune, hormone and nervous system issues 
  • You’re shifting your gene expression 
  • You’re increasing your longevity (years of quality life) 
  • You’re decreasing emotional and physical pain 
  • You’re healing from past stress and trauma 

Who doesn’t want that?  

And yet, it is NOT what you’ll hear at the standard doctor’s appointment. Not even at an appointment with a functional practitioner, because it is not how they are trained to think or what they are trained to guide you to achieve.  

That is why I wrote the book Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health.  

It’s why I created the free online Stress Type™ Quiz to know where your cortisol level likely is at this point in time – either a bit too high or too low.

I also created the 7-day SelfC.A.R.E. Stress Reset to guide you to understand how stress is affecting you and the essential initial steps to reset your cortisol (and adrenaline) to optimal. Sign up here:

7 Day SelfC.A.R.E Stress Reset

There’s also my 21-day Stress Remedy Program to help you recover from stress by healing leaky gut and balancing blood sugar levels.   

And lastly, my Stress Warrior Program – an online program to guide you to implement my Stress Recovery Protocol and optimize your cortisol and adrenaline.  

I wish that…  

  • This approach was the standard of care 
  • That you could order a quick home test to measure your cortisol and adrenaline 
  • That all practitioners understand the use of nutrients and herbs to optimize cortisol and adrenaline 

But that simply isn’t the case at this point in time.  

So, we are left to pay out of pocket, work with a practitioner (like me) to help you order a urine/saliva test to measure your cortisol and adrenaline, and wait 2 weeks for the results, then work with me – either one-on-one or in a “do it yourself” program (listed above) to help you to optimize your cortisol.  

That is currently your best option for getting your cortisol and adrenaline to optimal and resetting your health trajectory.

To read more about these concepts, be sure to get a hold of my new book, Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health.   

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