Acceptance and Support with Dr. Sue McCreadie (Episode 111)

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Acceptance and Support with Dr. Sue McCreadie (Episode 111)

Acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves opens the possibility of personal transformation.
Stress affects us not just on a physical level, but also an emotional and spiritual level as well. Dr. Doni talks to Dr. Sue McCreadie about the many health issues caused by chronic stress and how forgiving and accepting ourselves makes healing possible.  

Acceptance and Support with Dr. Sue McCreadie

Dr. Sue McCreadie [@drsuemccreadie], a pediatric physician who has shifted into helping women breakthrough their health challenges, is hosting a summit called “Mama, Own Your Health” starting June 13, 2022.  

I’m honored to be a part of the Mama, Own Your Health Summit, and to share insights from the summit and from Dr. Sue’s life and career in this episode of How Humans Heal.  

Originally trained as a medical doctor, Dr. Sue started learning about alternative, or what is now known as functional, medicine when she was in medical school. Ever since, she has been learning and providing support for patients in ways they weren’t receiving support otherwise.  

Meanwhile, in her own life, she struggled through multiple pregnancy losses and trying to keep up as a mom and doctor. That is until one day, her daughter inspired her to think outside the box and realize that women need her help to recover from stress, grief and trauma.  

As Dr. Sue says, stress affects us not just on a physical level, but also an emotional and spiritual level. And it leads to so many health issues, including fatigue, burnout, hormone and digestive issues, weight gain, and more. 

Once she realized that her personal experience recovering from health challenges in her own life could help other women too, she decided to create the Mama, Own Your Health Summit, to share valuable information from herself and other practitioners.  

If you’ve been hoping to find acceptance, support and needing inspiration and encouragement to change your life and health, this may be the perfect place to start (or continue).  

Often it is what we decide when pushed to our limit. And it all starts with a decision to simply jump in and start somewhere.  

Most importantly, it is by loving, forgiving and acceptance of ourselves and our experiences in life, that makes transformation possible.  

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