Heal Your Skin from Within with Dr. Trevor Cates (Episode 106)

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Heal Your Skin from Within with Dr. Trevor Cates (Episode 106)

Heal your skin by taking a holistic approach. Dr. Trevor Cates explains how.
Hormone imbalance is one of the most common causes of skin issues. Dr. Trevor Cates joins Dr. Doni to talk about a holistic approach to skin care and how to start re-balancing hormones to heal your skin.

After growing up with chronic skin issues, my friend Dr. Trevor Cates [@thespadr] healed her skin by taking a holistic approach. And she found herself wondering, “Why wasn’t holistic medicine presented from the beginning?”

This inspired her to become a naturopathic doctor and to specialize in helping people to understand that our skin is actually a magic mirror!

That is to say, our skin is an outer reflection of our overall health. And the way to help our skin is not just by what we put on it, but by balancing from within.

Common skin issues include:

  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Dry skin
  • Aging skin prematurely

While so many people and practitioners look at skin as something to cover up, or to use a topical (such as a steroid) to suppress, for Dr. Cates, these symptoms indicate that something is out of balance.

In fact, hormone imbalance is one of the most common causes of skin issues. There are many hormones potentially involved. Not just sex hormones, but also cortisol, thyroid, melatonin, and insulin. Our hormones rule our health in a lot of ways, says Dr. Cates.

In this episode, we discuss things you can do to start balancing hormones and heal your skin, including:

  • Avoid toxins and fragrance in your personal care products
  • Choose organic food
  • Get plenty of fiber and nutrients
  • Sleep and stress management

Dr. Cates reminds us that most of what we put on our skin actually disrupts the pH and microbiome on the skin and contain endocrine disrupting chemicals. On average we use 9 personal care products per day, which can expose us to 126 ingredients that are not well regulated in the U.S.

It is up to us to look for clean products and to make choices to support our health and our skin.

This led her to write her first book, Clean Skin from Within, and to create TheSpaDr skincare line. I have used her skincare line since it became available several years ago.

Now Dr. Cates is focused on helping women to balance their hormones by getting more in harmony with our bodies based on the seasons.

She covers how to do this in detail in her new book – Natural Beauty Reset – which is now available for preorder. And Dr. Cates’ also created a docuseries – Hormones, Health and Harmony – which you can sign up for here: https://www.sd44trk.com/9STNLS/2BGSTD/

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