Detox from Mold Exposure with Bridgit Danner (Episode 102)

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Detox from Mold Exposure with Bridgit Danner (Episode 102)

Bridgit Danner explains how to detoxify from mold exposure safely and effectively.
Mold exposure is more common that we realize, and mold toxins can penetrate into human bodies and cause significant disruptions and damage. Here's how to detoxify from mold exposure safely and effectively. 

Have you noticed mold in your home, basement, or attic? Mold exposure is more common that we realize, and it doesn’t just cause allergic reactions. Mold releases mold toxins that penetrate into human bodies and cause significant disruptions and damage.

Everyone is affected differently by mold toxins, and some not at all, so it can be confusing and difficult to identify and address.

This is exactly why my friend Bridgit Danner [@Bridgit.Danner] wrote her new book, The Ultimate Toxic Mold Recovery Guide: Take Back Your Home, Health & Life.

Bridgit experienced mold toxicity herself and had to figure out how to effectively get the mold toxins out of her body and to recover. In the book, and in this interview, she shares:

  • How she discovered that she had an environmental illness
  • Common symptoms of mold toxicity
  • How it is common to feel overwhelmed with the process of recovering from mold
  • How to test for mold
  • How to detoxify from mold safely and effectively

If you’ve wondered whether you may have mold toxicity and definitely if you know you’ve been exposed to mold, please listen in to this interview and read Bridgit’s book. Having a resource and guide through the process is essential.

In case you need more help, please know that you can reach out to me for help. I offer urine mycotoxin testing through my office and have completed training to develop my protocol to help patients recover from mold exposure. So I’m here for you too.

If you have been exposed to mold and have symptoms potentially caused by mold toxicity, it is worth it to be tested so we can address it before it has a chance to cause other issues.

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