Self-Love and Stress Recovery with Dr. Doni (Episode 96)

Healing starts with self-love. Here's how to break the pattern of stress, overwhelm, and self-criticism to establish new neural pathways.
How does stress show up in your body and mind? If you are struggling with overwhelm, addictions, or self-criticism, here's how to break the pattern and establish new neural pathways. 

Self-love is about giving yourself support to recover from stress.

How does stress show up in your body/mind? Do you feel anxious, depressed, in pain, have food cravings, or digestive issues? In this segment, I explain the reason behind anxious thoughts, how to get ahead of them, break the pattern, and put down new neural pathways.

It’s possible. I’ve seen it and experienced it myself.
Plus, I explain how it’s possible to correct neurotransmitter deficiencies, such as low serotonin, which supplements to consider first, how to support your vagus nerve and oxytocin, and how to know when you need more help.

The key is NOT to be hard on yourself. Have awareness. From there, you can make different choices that can change your experience as a human living this life.

If you are struggling with overwhelm, addictions, or self-criticism, this information can definitely be the hope and lifeline you’ve been seeking.

Please let me know your thoughts as you listen in.

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