Learn to Listen to Yourself with Britta Aragon (Episode 82)

Dr. Doni talks with Britta Aragon about learning to know yourself and listen to yourself as essential components of healing and transformation. 

Finding your purpose in life can be a matter of seeing what is right under your nose. But we often miss it because we are so caught up in being who we think we are supposed to be. Learning to know yourself and listen to yourself is essential for healing and transformation. 

Visionary, Britta Aragon [IG @brittaaragon], shares how listening to her intuition has shaped her life. From overcoming Hodgkin’s lymphoma, writing her first book in her 20s, starting a successful skincare line, selling that company, getting a divorce and traveling around the world, Britta has trusted her vision and herself.  

Even when fear or her ego told her not to do it, she took risks and took it as a chance to listen to her authentic self.

Now she works with people one-on-one and in groups online and in retreats to help them transform their lives by helping them to find their purpose and follow their vision. 

In this inspirational interview, Britta shares: 

  • Ignorance can be bliss 
  • Our cells listen 
  • What is the narrative we are listening to 
  • We get to choose again 
  • How she has learned to harness her sense of urgency 
  • Unhealed trauma leads to addictive patterns 
  • Healing happens in priority order 
  • How to get good at listening to your inner voice 
  • You are worthy already 

A Course of Miracles teacher and creator of a program called Detox to Destiny, Britta helps people to do things like write a vision plan for a new business, to change careers, write a book, or get ready to leave a marriage.  

She says it is about learning how to shift from external power to internal power. When you take away the things you thought defined you, and are with yourself, in your internal power, and you have a guidance system for your personal plan, you are the most powerful person you can be. 

She teaches clients how to tune in to the listening, to download a business idea, book, or what’s next. How to listen to the whispers of the soul. Once you have trained your mind to listen to that voice, then when it comes to making a decision, you know how to hear the voice, and what does and doesn’t feel right. 

How do humans heal? By learning who we really are, be our own best friend, and see ourselves from a different perspective. Prayer and meditation shifts us from fear-based thinking, to universal intelligence. Then we can see all the ways to look at the same situation and be able to choose powerfully. 

Learn more about how to know and listen to yourself in Britta’s online summit – Back to Center Life Reset. It is free, 11 days, and online starting November 11th. I’m honored to be one of her guest speakers on the topic of resetting from stress.  

Sign up here: https://brittaaragon.com/events/o/drdoni/ 

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