Having Surgery: An Unexpected Source of Wisdom

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Having Surgery: An Unexpected Source of Wisdom

Recovering from Surgery: A Personal Story from Dr. Doni
Dr. Doni shares some wisdom gained in her recent experience with surgery and how a connection to spirit and a sense of gratitude towards her care givers made all the difference not only for the surgery itself but also in her ongoing healing and recovery. 

Dr. Doni shares her recent experience with surgery. She shares the doubts and fears about the experience – and the wisdom she gained in the process. She also relates how a connection to spirit and a sense of gratitude towards her care givers made all the difference not only for the surgery itself but also in her ongoing healing and recovery. 

Recovering from Surgery: A Personal Story from Dr. Doni

Over the past two years, I developed a cyst-like growth on my neck, above my clavicle. After never needing imaging my whole life, in the past year I have had every kind of imaging procedure done, from CTs, MRIs, and biopsies to a PET scan.

With the imaging and tests, we were able to rule out cancer, however, we still didn’t have a diagnosis. At the same time, it was causing more discomfort each week that went by. Finally, they suggested surgery. The issue was that I needed to find the right surgeon! It turns out that a growth on the neck crosses several specialties in medicine – head/neck (ENT), thoracic, orthopedic and plastic surgery.

Who was the right surgeon to handle this growth? After seeing eight different doctors during a year period of time, I found the specialized ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) doctor who was confident she could remove the growth.

In the meantime, having this growth opened my mind to possible ways of looking at myself and my health that I hadn’t considered before. What was causing my body to make this growth? Because it is on my neck, was it related to my throat chakra (a system from ancient India)? If so, what was I not saying that needed to be said?(1)

That is what led me to explore meditation even more, as well as shamanism and ayahuasca. Discovering these healing modalities has been such a gift. I realize now that the journey into more mind-body healing methods prepared me for going through surgery and healing.

This is true for not only the surgical procedure and wound, but also the original wound that caused the growth in the first place. Through my own research, I found studies describing the growth I experienced as a way of storing stress.(2) So it comes back to stress again! My body is attempting to protect me by creating this growth.

While it may eventually drain on its own, removing it (and being able to test it to learn more about it biologically) seemed to be a better option. So, I accepted my doctors’ suggestion. To be honest, I was quite afraid of surgery. I’ve not had surgery in my life, other than having my wisdom teeth pulled at age 18. I have experienced a lot of pain – from migraines and menstrual cramps – and I delivered my daughter at home without meds. I’m not afraid of pain. Really, my fear was of the anesthesia and also the loss of control that may occur afterwards.

What would happen when I’m not conscious and making decisions during the procedure? What would I feel? How would I navigate the hospital protocols afterwards? What kind of help am I going to need post-surgery?

These questions hung in my mind, and so while I was searching for my surgeon, I also found my connection to spirituality and a stronger connection with myself. In fact, it was actually that spiritual connection that made all the difference for me. Prior to surgery, all the fear went away and turned into gratitude for my medical team and family. I showed up to the hospital with bouquets of roses and handed them to my doctors (surgeon and anesthesiologist) when I spoke with them prior to the surgery. I told them that I’m grateful for their time and energy and for the expertise they were giving to me.

In the operating room, I closed my eyes as the anesthesia started, feeling completely at peace. When I woke up, I started to cry, again feeling such gratitude. While anesthesia blocks our memory, I had a complete awareness that I was “with” my family and support people spiritually and energetically throughout the entire surgery.

I have been following my proven surgery recovery protocol of nutrients, herbs and homeopathic remedies, and have (so far) been feeling better each day. I look forward to the results of the diagnostic evaluation. Yet to me, I already know that this growth has given me the opportunity to grow my connection to myself and my ability to communicate my knowledge to others in need of healing.

Listen in to my podcast to hear all about my pre- and post-surgery experience and protocol.

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Wellness wishes to you, as always!

–Dr. Doni
18th August 2021


  1. A Brief History of the Chakras in Human Body
  2. Disorders of the Sternoclavicular Joint
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