Healing as a Spiritual Journey with Dr. Serena Goldstein (Episode 61)

Dr. Doni Wilson's Podcast: How Humans Heal
Dr. Doni speaks with Dr. Serena Goldstein about how emotional and spiritual issues sometimes show up in physical symptoms, and how to become more aware of the messages your body is sending you.

Have you ever wondered if the health issues you are experiencing are telling you something more?

In this episode I talk with naturopathic doctor and friend, Dr. Serena Goldstein about how our physical symptoms can have a message for us to learn about life and our choices going forward.

For me, it was migraines. After experiencing hundreds of them and missing out on so much of what I had planned, or so I thought, I realized that the migraines were telling me that I needed a day off. So I started planning days off, and you know what, the migraines stopped happening.

Serena learned a similar lesson from her body and in her experience helping patients with hormone imbalances. With a background in psychology, she was already aware that the emotional level needs attention. But after working with a shaman in Ecuador and working through her own struggles with maintaining her body weight, she had an epiphany that she wasn’t being her true self nor offering her patients the spiritual guidance she was capable of.

Join me in this conversation if you’ve been feeling stuck or frustrated with your symptoms, wondering if you’ll ever feel better, and/or if you have a funny feeling there may be a lesson on a deeper level that you’ve been missing.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How psychology is part of the training of a naturopathic doctor
  • How emotional and spiritual issues sometimes show up in physical symptoms
  • Understanding the struggle of weight loss and hormone imbalance
  • How to become more aware of the messages your body is sending you
  • Life is about the journey and self-expression
  • Going deeper in your healing by understanding what is locked inside
  • Getting to your intuition and deep soul wisdom
  • Finding and working with a practitioner who can help guide you on a spiritual level

No matter what your faith or religion is, connecting with yourself on a deeper, spiritual level can make all the difference in understanding yourself and what your body needs in order to heal.

I highly recommend that you seek out ways to support your spiritual journey on a deeper level. Look into the resources we mentioned in this episode and talk with your naturopathic doctor or practitioner about this so they can help guide you.

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