Best Health Apps for Overall Wellbeing

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Best Health Apps for Overall Wellbeing

Dr. Doni offers her recommendations for health-related apps that can make a positive impact by creating and reinforcing healthy habits.
Here are some simple ways to improve your health and wellness, integrated into your daily life. Dr. Doni offers her recommendations for health-related apps that can make a positive impact by creating and reinforcing healthy habits.

Using tech to improve your health just got easier. With these 14 health apps, you can meditate, track nutrition, improve your sleep, and more.
Dr. Doni offers her recommendations for health-related apps that can make a positive impact by creating and reinforcing healthy habits.

As we get ready to head into the most chaotic time of the year for many – and the beginning of a new year, with new opportunitiesI wanted to share simple ways to improve your health and wellness daily.

While I’m an advocate of reducing screen time as much as possible (in an effort to be more present), I do also know that there’s no refuting the impact technology has on our lives. Specifically on smartphones. In fact, it’s almost a running joke that if there’s something you need, “there’s an app for that.”

But if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?

Below you’ll find my choices for 14 health apps that make a positive impact on your physical and mental wellness.

14 Health Apps For Your Smartphone

  1. Calm App
    The Calm app has been rated as one of THE BEST apps for helping users meditate AND fall asleep (for the 7.5+ hours you need!) With nature music, guided meditations in 3-25 minute sessions, and breathing exercises, Calm takes users on a relaxing journey away from anxiety. Then, use it at night for the sleep sounds – or get this – bedtime stories for kids and adults!
  2. Flo Period Tracker
    The Flo app is ideal for ALL women. It’s not just about tracking and predicting your period, but also helps with fertility, ovulation and even gives insights about your body and cycle throughout the month. For women that want to feel in control… and in the know… about their bodies, Flo is fantastic.
  3. Fireplace App
    Who doesn’t love the sound and sight of a fire crackling? I know I do. The Fireplace app is a great way to unwind at the end of the night, tune out the world and just be still for a few moments. Use it to meditate or even just have in the background for added ambiance.
  4. Heartfulness App
    Focus, clarity and stress reduction are all benefits that come from the relaxation and meditation app, Heartfulness. I use this when traveling or in between patients to recharge my batteries.
  5. 5-Minute Pilates
    Don’t have time to get to the gym or attend your favorite Pilates class? No problem! With 5-Minute Pilates, you can still sneak in time to work on your practice, without special equipment. The app provides 3-D animated instructors so you can clearly see the positions.
  6. Headspace
    Impressively led by a former monk, Headspace gets users to dedicate 10 minutes out of their day to tune in, clear their minds, and be meditate.
  7. Zenfriend
    Yes, another meditation app… are you starting to see a pattern here? Whether you’ve been meditating for years or are just getting started, meditation can be as simple as closing your eyes, sitting still and hitting a timer with Zenfriend. Inner peace? Right around the corner.
  8. 8Fit
    Combining a virtual trainer and healthy, accessible meals, 8Fit takes your specific goals and customizes a program for you. You can choose goals such as weight loss, tone up or build muscle and use your current measurements to set and achieve body goals.
  9. My Possible Self
    This is an incredible app that helps to monitor and track your mental health. By documenting your moods as they fluctuate, you’ll be able to recognize patterns of distress or triggers in your life. The self-help modules included also help you to work through these triggers and away from fear, anxiety, and sadness.
  10. Sleep Cycle
    The Sleep Cycle app tracks your movement and sounds while sleeping, to help recognize your patterns of light or deep sleep. It will then wake you up during your lightest sleep cycles to ensure an easier rising—without feeling disoriented and sleepy. Use this app to help improve your nightly slumber patterns and beat fatigue.
  11. Smoke Free
    Working hard to ditch your nicotine habit? First of all, GOOD FOR YOU! Smoke Free is a great app to help users quit smoking by tracking cravings, tallying up the total money you’ve saved day to day, month to month, and year to year (which will shock you!) but also give you a snapshot of the hours “saved” in your life. And don’t we all want that?
  12. Waterlogged
    Stay hydrated without blinking an eye with Waterlogged’s customized “sipping reminders.” If you’re like so many of us who get wrapped up in a busy day without remembering to pick up your water bottle, Watterlogged is perfect for you. Cheers to getting your 64 ounces of H2O a day!
  13. Elevate
    If you’re someone who loves to play games on their phone but would rather improve your brain function than play mindless games, Elevate is your app. With brain training games and exercises made to improve skills, boost productivity, and increase self-confidence, Elevate is one phone game you walk away from better than when you started.
  14. Cara: Food, Mood and Poop Tracker
    The name says it all, doesn’t it? The Cara app is taking gut health digital by helping you to monitor your digestive health, food triggers and what your bowel movements say about your gut health. 

Finding Solutions With Dr. Doni

Pick and choose which apps above will add the most benefits to your life. If you want to discuss additional natural solutions for your current health issues, we can use technology again to connect virtually. With virtual appointments (or even just an old-fashioned phone call) I help patients across the world get back to living a more optimized life – one balanced gut, healthier adrenals or reduced fatigue solution at a time.

–Dr. Doni
25th October 2019

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