Ask Dr. Doni about food intolerances

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Ask Dr. Doni about food intolerances

I saw your article about IgG food intolerances, and I’m wondering how I can get tested for that?

It can be done with a simple finger poke, because the lab that specializes in IgG antibodies only needs a little blood to match up your antibodies with the proteins in food. You can even do it yourself—the kit is available here.

I had food allergies checked by my allergist and then did an IgG panel a few years ago…but I still don’t feel well…what should I do now?

The technology for identifying antibodies to foods has improved so much over the past couple years. We can now test for both cooked and raw foods, and for multiple proteins in foods. So, if you were tested a few years ago, it is worth re-checking. And an allergist will focus on IgE antibodies, which is important, but if that information hasn’t resolved your health concerns, I suggest that you also check for IgG antibodies, and potentially IgA as well.

–Dr. Doni

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  1. Hi, I was recently tested for food allergies and found out I am allergic to Milk, baking yeast and brewers yeast. My reaction to milk is a 1 out of 4 and yeast is a 2. I tried elimination both and it was the most difficult thing to do. I couldn’t eat at any restaurant and working full time and trying to prepare food without yeast seems impossible. I can eliminate milk but Yeast is HARD. I am wondering if its due to leaky gut and how to heal it? The more I read about yeast the more discouraged I become. Please help!!

    • Hello Desiree, I apologize for the long delay – I’m getting used to the comment section on my website. : ) I’m hoping you’ve found help since July. Yes, yeast is associated with leaky gut – yeast causes leaky gut and leaky gut makes you susceptible to yeast. I also find that often when yeast shows on the allergy panel, there is likely an overabundance of yeast in your digestive tract – we need to address that. Let’s meet soon! Dr. Doni

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