With a Busy Schedule, How to Add Something New?

I just received the latest issue of Easy Eats Magazine where they published my answer to the question:

“With a busy schedule how do you add something new and still maintain a healthy balance in your life?”  Here is my answer, as published…

Patients often ask me: “how can I make it look so easy to be healthy?”

Actually with a busy practice, daughter, pets and running a non-profit organization, I don’t have a choice but to make healthy choices in every moment, or else I couldn’t possibly keep up!

When I want to add sometime new, I think about how I can fit it into my usual routine in a way that requires the least effort – I call them “snippets.”

If it is about remembering to take a product to help calm my mind before going to bed, then I put that bottle near my tooth brush, which I use every night before bed.  When I wanted to start taking fish oil every morning, I put the bottle in the fridge next to my favorite berry extract that I love to have in my morning shake.

Because I know that I keep my energy and metabolism going by eating protein every 3-4 hours, I keep almond butter packets and protein bars in my bag every where I go.  When sorting out my gym schedule, I match it up with my daughter’s gymnastics schedule so I can go to the gym (next door) after I drop her off.

Dr. Doni

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