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Back to School and Back to Health

donigreenBack to school time is a great reminder of how change, whether it’s positive or negative, can be perceived as a stress in our bodies.

Add on top of that…a computer in the shop, a dentist appointment, home repairs (a few examples from around my house)…and stress becomes palpable.

We can’t remove all the stress, but we can support our bodies under stress so that we have the least negative impact.

Even starting with the basics can make a big difference.

Here are 4 reminders for supporting your body (and your child’s body) under stress:

  1. Get up in time to have protein (perhaps a protein shake like the Hamptons Shake — renamed The Stress Remedy Shake) before going to school or work.
  2. Bring food with you that you can eat (food that matches your body’s needs – refer to your IgG food intolerances) so that you can eat every 3-4 hours.
  3. Eat again when you get home, and take digestive enzymes to ensure that you get the most from your food.
  4. Allow time for your body to down-shift and to get plenty of rest.

What happens when stress gets ahead of us?

It could be as simple and yet bothersome as a cold, or as complex as an autoimmune condition. (Click here to see my recommendations for preventing and fighting a cold virus.)

Either way, as soon as your health is impacted, it becomes yet another stress on top of all the rest, and at some point it can feel too big and too difficult to master.

But that’s not the end of the road.

There are ways for us to find out how your body has been impacted by stress (test your cortisol and neurotransmitters), which stresses are continuing to drag your system down (certain foods perhaps), and what exactly to do to help your body recover (using nutrients and herbs).

It is a process, however. Your body begins to shift over night, with the right kind of support, but consistency is needed in order to get ahead of the stress curve.

Our bodies, after all, are great at adapting to stress, and so it takes time to recalibrate and retrain our systems to stay healthy under stress.

Two patients this week had labs come back showing that their autoimmune antibodies, which were previously elevated, are now negative.

In conventional care that is considered “remission.”

In my practice, that is what is possible when we support our bodies under stress.

With diligence and continued curiosity about what your body needs, we can get there for you too.

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Dr. Doni

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