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Working with Dr. Doni saved my marriage, my health and allowed me to conceive a child when all of my friends were struggling to do so at my age!

I reached out to Dr. Doni when regular routes of health care were no longer working. Initially I was suffering from terrible stomach pains and my doctor had suggested I try anti-depressants to alleviate the pain, a route I did not wish to take. A friend had suggested a naturopathic doctor, and after asking around I found Dr. Doni.

Looking back on what Dr. Doni has helped me with, for one, my body and my moods are far more balanced now. I no longer need pharmaceutical drugs to be healthy. As a matter of fact, I am now healthier without them.

Secondly, I have learned (and perhaps this is most important) to be more aware of myself and my body and what it is telling me. For example, I am now aware when I’m low on fuel (food) because my health or my mood reverts to a less-than-optimal state.

Finally, I’m a healthier individual. I am learning to rely on healthy food and activity. Not because I know it’s important to my health (I always knew that!), but because I know how good I feel when I do.

All in all, can I say that working with you saved my marriage? That maybe it saved me? Perhaps it even helped me get (and stay) pregnant when my friends were stressed and imbalanced and struggled to do so. It sounds amazing but it is all true!!!!

Danielle Rose
Highland Lakes, NJ


Dr. Doni Speaks

MPS_1849_web Dr. Doni is often called upon to speak at professional events and is regularly quoted in the media. Through her health transformation programs, speaking engagements and seminars, she can show your group the natural way to achieve wellness while honoring the inherent healing power of your body.

Her speaking style is warm, engaging and informative. She has a passion for sharing her wisdom gleaned from her practice, life experience and training, and enjoys presenting information in the style of a friendly, trusted advisor.

Dr. Doni believes that with the right information and support, women (and their loved ones) can resolve their health concerns naturally.

“By embracing the right balance of dietary guidelines and lifestyle recommendations you can ensure you’ll have high-quality health along with a strong immune system – both of which are central components to restoring the healing power of your body.”

– Dr. Donielle Wilson, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Doni will help your group understand the value of having a treatment plan that is non-invasive and supports your body’s ability to heal.  Better yet, she’ll inspire your members toward total wellness at the physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Dr. Doni’s seminars offer:

  • Sound eating and healthy living principles
  • Stress reduction education
  • Guidance for constructing a comprehensive plan of action to transform your health

What her work is about:   

  • Helping patients address plaguing health issues using non-invasive treatment
  • Establishing well-living practices
  • Assessing your body as a symphonic whole with interrelated symptoms and processes

Dr. Doni’s Popular Seminar Topics Include:

The Seven Essential Pillars of Total Wellness
Unlock the power of integrative health and find the solutions you’ve been searching for.

The Secrets to Natural Hormonal Health
Understand Your Symptoms and Take Charge of Your Fertility and Vitality

The Secret Life of Neurotransmitters
Discover a Fast, Natural Way to Optimize Your Mood, Energy and Brain Functioning

It All Starts with Stress
Discover How Radically Reducing Stress in Your Life Can Heal Your Body and Save You Healthcare Expenses


To learn more about Dr. Doni’s speaking experience, including sample video clips, please visit her Press & Media page here.

To speak with Dr. Doni about inviting her to connect with your group at your next event, please contact her directly here.

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