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Dr. Doni’s Approach

Dr. Doni’s Approach to Empowering Wellness – Naturally

IMG_0172We are often pulled in so many different directions. We juggle many roles – spouse, parent, sibling, professional, caregiver, just to name a few ways we tend to others. And when we need to care for ourselves, we’re asked to visit different specialists for each of our different body parts. This is incredibly stressful, confusing and overwhelming.

There is another way.

My approach empowers wellness by restoring balance to a fragmented lifestyle and healthcare plan.

Here is my integrative approach using the best natural, non-invasive methods and recent scientific advances in naturopathic medicine.

First, I Look at Your Whole System, Not Just Individual Body Parts

Everything is connected. To only look at the specific body part that feels unwell misses a tremendous amount of information. For example, if you are having difficulty conceiving a child (men and women), I’m not only interested in your hormonal health; I also look at your stress levels, genetic make-up, diet, digestion, blood sugar balance, sleep, and physical fitness, because all of these profoundly affect your fertility. 

We’ll look at how your systems are functioning, how they are interelated and what needs attention in order to optimize your health.

Introducing – Dr. Doni’s Seven Essential Pillars of Total Wellness

  • The First Pillar – Your Digestion
    Healing the digestive track offers you a jump start to rebooting your inner operating system.
  • The Second Pillar – Your Sleep
    Restoring proper adrenal, neurotransmitter (brain functioning) and hormonal function is essential to turning back the clock and getting a good night’s sleep.
  • The Third Pillar – Your Energy
    When your adrenal, blood sugar and hormonal health is restored, you’ll find yourself feeling rejuvenated and back to your old self again.
  • The Fourth Pillar – Your Mood and Focus
    The secret to feeling happy, focused and sharp is found in your brain’s neurotransmitters. I’ll show you how to boost your brain functioning and reduce mental anxiety naturally.
  • The Fifth Pillar – Your Hormones
    Whether you’re trying to improve thyroid function, balance blood sugar, get pregnant, restore sexual wellness or navigate hormone changes, your hormones are your inner messengers and center of intuitive wellness wisdom.
  • The Sixth Pillar – Your Diet
    Your nutrition is, simply put, the building block for all pillars of wellness.
  • The Seventh Pillar – Immune System   
    Optimal immune function – ready to protect you from infections and to prevent cancer, autoimmunity and allergies – comes with balanced adrenal function.  

Next, I guide you through my unique, holistic signature system for creating wellness – naturally. 

And Here’s How …

  • Step #1 – Balance Blood Sugar
    With a few simple strategies, you’ll say goodbye to energy highs and lows.
  • Step #2 – Identify Food Intolerances
    Eliminating foods that contribute to stress and illness in your body is one of the fastest ways to feel better. But don’t worry, with me on your side, I’ll show you how to upgrade your nutrition with delicious alternatives.
  • Step #3 – Heal Your Digestion
    Unfortunately, years of consuming foods that don’t work for your body can create embarrassing digestive issues and skin flare ups. With gentle cleansing and detoxification, your digestion and skin health will get back on track.
  • Step #4 – Address the Impact of Stress
    External conditions, such as relationships, work stress and more, have been shown to affect internal health challenges. It’s important to address stress to create long-lasting positive change. Click here to read my article on the impact of stress. 
  • Step #5 – Balance Hormones and Neurotransmitters
    When you don’t feel like yourself, it’s easy to blame it on mood swings and hormones. But it may be more than just a hunch. Balancing hormonal and improving your brain functioning is often the missing link between perplexing health challenges and being your best.
  • Step #6 – Decrease Inflammation
    Landmark studies have shown the powerful role that inflammation in the body plays in a wide variety of health conditions – from simple aches and pains to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, asthma and even recurring injuries. I’ll show you how to get to the root of your health concerns.
  • Step #7 – Putting It All Together
    Honoring what works best for you and getting your needs met – in and out of the doctor’s office – is the key to making life work beautifully.

While I’m confident I can help the majority of patients with their health issues, those who achieve the best results…

  • Are open to looking at the contributing causes of their health challenges and the latest in cutting-edge preventative practices.
  • Do not want to rely on pills and medical intervention for the rest of their life.
  • Want to reclaim the quality of their life, including hobbies and enjoying their self-reliance.
  • Are willing to be guided in this approach and be proactive.

Overview of Services
Choose from my One-on-One Health Consultation, Online Community, Cleanse Program and more. Learn about all of the services I offer here: Overview of Services.

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